Withdrawal of criminal cases as viewed by the Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Written By: Shahjahan
26/01/2015 16:56 26/01/2015 15:46
Law and Order

The administration of criminal justice is of paramount significance for all the countries the world over. Bangladesh is no exception, either. But sadly enough, the administration of criminal justice has all along been fraught with multifaceted crises in our country. Of all the ailments affecting....    Full story...

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Can ‘Bangla’ be fully introduced in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh?

Written By: NazirAhmed
27/08/2013 23:33
Law and Order

Many people demand that ‘Bangla’ be fully introduced in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh. ‘Bangla’ is our mother tongue and state language of Bangladesh. We are the only nation in the earth who sacrificed lives for the restoration of our mother tongue. When the month of....    Full story...

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