Ottoman Women During the Advent of Western Feminism

Written By: ZaraFaris
04/08/2013 0:40
Women rights

“As to women, as many, if not more than men, are to be seen in the streets [i.e. going about their daily activities, etc] […] I think I never saw a country where women may enjoy so much liberty, and free from all reproach, as in Turkey [...] The Turks in their conduct towards our....    Full story...

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Child Rape: symptom of social disease

Written By: Nazmul
30/04/2013 23:50 30/04/2013 23:32
Human rights

Five years old Salma. She is just like a little butterfly and star of her parents eyes. This little angel found raped and dead in Mirpur on June  2010. Even long before that we know about a little girl in Bogra were killed by some demons. I know we have already forgot the name. The....    Full story...

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What actually Hefazaat-e-Islam demands??

Written By: AEH_MIZ
24/04/2013 7:47
Burning Issue

Now, that is the burning question. What actually Hefazaat-e-Islam demands? Do they really want to take the country back to the middle ages? Are they demanding blasphemy law or not? Do they really reject the rights of the women? All doubts and confusions have been answered by Allama Shah Ahmad....    Full story...

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