A group of teenage girls at a marriage ceremony

Written By: mehedi-hassan
29/08/2014 19:11
Arts and Literature

Mehedi Hassan   One day, almost five years ago, I joined at a marriage ceremony of my college friend as a groom passenger. Some way on the bus and some way by foot along the narrow earthen road through field, at last we reached the bride’s house. No one confirmed us, but by....    Full story...

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The sound of Suppressed Laughter

Written By: mehedi-hassan
20/08/2014 22:43
Arts and Literature

Mehedi Hassan   Beside of the over- populated village a narrow stream was flowing on, and there was also an asphalt road by the brink of the stream. In a winter morning, a teenage boy was pulling a bakery-van through thick mist along the road by gently paddling.     The....    Full story...

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