What Doval-Modi team is planning to win elections

Written By: Pushp Sharma
28/02/2016 19:20 28/02/2016 19:19
Neighbours and Borders

A secret plan has been laid down to target peripheral team members of the Dawood syndicate. Criminals and suspended cops will be used for covert operations leaving no traceable evidence. Though shockingly simple, but it’s a strategic move to protect the ghost killers from trial, be it media....    Full story...

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Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar- A New Start : Where are UN? HRW? ICHR? OIC?

Written By: ABUSAIF
22/03/2013 20:55
Human rights

Emergency in Myanmar 20 killed, 6000 homeless in fresh anti-Rohingya riots . BBC Online, AP A state of emergency has been imposed in the Burmese town of Meiktila following three days of communal violence between Buddhists and Muslims. A statement announcing the decision on behalf of....    Full story...

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