Tower Hamlets: the mayor, the money and Panorama

Written By: TowerHamletVoice
03/04/2014 0:22 03/04/2014 0:19

The Panorama investigation made a measured case that Lutfur Rahman misuses his resources to cultivate his voter base, but does that really mark him out from other politicians? Written by; Dave Hill Enemies of Lutfur Rahman I contacted last night reported symptoms of mild....    Full story...

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Lutfur Rahman, Panorama, And Gilligan

Written By: TowerHamletVoice
02/04/2014 13:06
Contemporary Debate

As predicted by Andrew “transcription error” Gilligan, last night’s Panorama investigation into Tower Hamlets’ elected Mayor Lutfur Rahman caused clear discomfort to its target and his supporters, but was noticeable not for what it copied from....    Full story...

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