democracy is not meant what actually it is

Written By: Nazimp
07/04/2015 1:10

Most of the citizens think voting is the only thing of democracy. Because they don't know what actually democracy is? This is one of the vital reasons why people deprived of their democratic rights in our country. Yes, Voting is the first phase of democracy. But democracy is so....    Full story...

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Harshness towards animals

Written By: Nazimp
04/08/2014 3:40

The other day I was going to pick Chalta ( a kind of sour fruit) from our village garden. I saw not a few people were beating a newt mercilessly. I requested them to stop beating and let the newt go. They didn't heed to my request rather they scolded me with slang. Finally they killed the....    Full story...

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Syndicated service!!!

Written By: Nazimp
18/07/2014 11:18

On the other day, I went to Education Ministry to have my certificate signed. This is my first time i went to to the Bangladesh secretariat for a purpose. When i was going to enter the gate the forces halted me saying " For what are you going inside? I replied "i need....    Full story...

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Water Complication

Written By: Nazimp
18/06/2014 18:11

Water is synonymous to Life', we all know this saying. But in our day to day city life water is the main stuff that suffer us most. The inadequate supply of water by WASA in the summer saw an enormous suffering of public. Water have different uses, but supply water is not hygenic. The water....    Full story...

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Hello! I am a new on

Written By: Nazimp
15/06/2014 15:52

Dear brothers & sisters, Assalamuailikum. By the grace of allah i am pretty & hope you all also doing good.  i was searching for a English blog for few days that specially run by Bangladesh community. Finally i have found it. i am very pleased to be a member of this blog. Though....    Full story...

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