We have three golden opportunities in this month of Ramadan to have our past sins forgiven

Written By: Mozafor
05/07/2013 16:42
Religion & Culture

Many of us will not be able to witness Ramadan even though it is only few days away. There is no guarantee in our existence, as Allah has power over our soul, and he has determined a time and place for our death. But it is Allah’s command that if any one of us witnesses the month of....    Full story...

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The future for Egypt and what it must do to avoid a political dilemma

Written By: Mozafor
05/07/2013 16:47 05/07/2013 0:10

What happened in Egypt this week was anticipated from the inauguration of Morsi’s presidency? Egypt had been under secular authoritarian rule from a very long time under Hosni Mubarak. All institutions, including the police, judiciary and the army had huge followers that are secular minded....    Full story...

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Gonojagoron Monch has become a symbol for Atheism and Anti Islamic hatred; anything associated with this name should be banned

Written By: Mozafor
02/07/2013 20:58
Burning Issue

They call Hifazot and Jamat terrorist, backdated forces that are impediment to progress. These were the rhetoric of Gonjagoron Monch in reaction to the death of one of their Shabag activists. Shabagis should reflect on their concept of progress. Their notion of progress is everything worldly....    Full story...

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Any compromise with the ruling Awami government would be a betrayal of our martyrs

Written By: Mozafor
29/06/2013 16:55 29/06/2013 16:48
Burning Issue

After the brutal killings of 28th February and the killing of Hifajote men on the night of 5th of May, Islamic movement activists will not accept anything unjust; any kind of compromise with Awamileague is not acceptable. We are hearing there have been approaches by the ruling Awamileague with....    Full story...

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Awamileague has become a rotten party

Written By: Mozafor
28/06/2013 16:21

In a recent meeting Bongo Vir Kader Siddiqui said, “Awamileague has become a rotten party, I will never join Awamileague” Indeed, he is absolutely right. I remember he once said that no one can become the Chairman of the Awami party, not even after a hundred years of membership as....    Full story...

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BUET teacher gets 7 years for a mere comment while Anti Islamic Bloogers are released on bail.

Written By: Mozafor
27/06/2013 19:13
Law and Order

“I will shoot her first in the head and then in the stomach before displaying her head in front of BUET as a warning to ward off other hyenas". The above comment in face book by a BUET teacher led to the sentencing of Hafizur Rahman Rana to 7 years imprisonment. The complaint alleged....    Full story...

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Written By: Mozafor
27/06/2013 18:26
Thoughts and Ideology

In year 2013 where this began Shapla Chottor was like Lebanon They shot them and spared no one Because they were Hifazot men   Tell me why they did this to them This question been haunting me since then I don’t understand what they have done wrong I want an answer....    Full story...

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Bangladesh cries out in silence for justice

Written By: Mozafor
25/06/2013 22:56 25/06/2013 22:52
Human rights

National human rights commission is inimical to safeguarding human rights in Bangladesh.Although Bangladesh was created because of human rights violation by the Pakistani invaders, human rights in Bangladesh are almost non existence in today’s Sheikh Hasina’s regime. Brutal....    Full story...

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Perception is reality: Jamati Islam spokesmen in UK talk shows

Written By: Mozafor
24/06/2013 16:31 24/06/2013 10:56
Bangladesh in Intl. Media

Some times when it comes to giving criticism, some of us are afraid and timid while others are direct and candid. Yet if there is one thing we all share in common when it comes to giving criticism, it’s that most people are not very good at it! For example, if you are asked for your opinion....    Full story...

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Amardesh Online exposes fake rescue Drama of Reshma in Rana Plaza collapse. (সখী তুমি কার?)

Written By: Mozafor
23/06/2013 13:13

Sheikh Hasina offered Reshma American dream in return for her silence. Daily Manab Zamin Editor In Chief says, “ we cant report the truth nor reality, we are told not to report anything about Reshma, she is now escorted to her house in tight security on Pajero Jeep, why is the need for this....    Full story...

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Humiliation for an Awamileague MP visiting the UK

Written By: Mozafor
22/06/2013 18:58 22/06/2013 17:48

Awamileague MP Virandro Nath Shombu told to piss off when requested to meet a friend of mine from the same area. Recently there has been a flow of government VIPs from Bangladesh flooding the UK in search of business partners to invest their hard earn black money from the last 4 and half years of....    Full story...

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Sheikh Hasina's boast for Fajor prayer: she is a pure munafiq if she has four characteristics

Written By: Mozafor
21/06/2013 15:28 21/06/2013 15:22
Religion & Culture

Yesterday in the Parliament, Lady Hitler (Sheikh Hasina) was boasting about her Salah: how she prays the Fajor Prayers yearly in the morning, yet she is called by others a Nastik, and while her opponent Begum Zia apparently sleeps until midday is called an Astik. I doubt her claim, because Salah....    Full story...

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OH NO! Hasinas’ niece Tulip marries a Brit!

Written By: Mozafor
21/06/2013 0:29 20/06/2013 12:53
Contemporary Debate

Hasinas’ niece Tulip marries a Brit, son married to a Christian, and Dr Kamal Hussain offspring married to a Jew. I wonder what’s gona happen to those prospective BD brides and groom. And what happens if there is a divorce settlement, do we have to give up a big chunk of BD? Perhaps....    Full story...

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Do we really understand foreign scheme? Who were behind 1/11 and the present Syrian conflict?

Written By: Mozafor
18/06/2013 23:49 18/06/2013 23:12
Burning Issue

Since the start of the Syrian conflict, I have seen and read many opinions condemning Basher Al Asad regime for the brutal killings of the opposition, suppression of democracy and dictatorship. As usual, majority of the Arab country have had or have been under continuous autocratic rule since the....    Full story...

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It is now up to the Awami regimes to fundamentally change their policy towards the 18 party alliances after the historic victory

Written By: Mozafor
16/06/2013 20:49 16/06/2013 20:47
Burning Issue

The people defeated the 14 party alliance candidate and gave a fitting answer to the government’s bullying tactics. The main point is that those Awami pundits who insinuated that the people would reject BNP and Jamat in the election have been proven spectacularly wrong. The Awami....    Full story...

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