Not doing enough is not an option. Removing the psychopath Sheikh Hasina and her team of blood suckers from power is a must.

Written By: Mozafor
13/09/2013 17:55

When travelling from a P2P session, I met a travel consultant on my way home on a bus journey. When I looked at him, I had a pretty good idea that I knew him from somewhere around my locality. I was thinking to begin a conversation with him when he abruptly enquired of my travelling destination.....    Full story...

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Declining Super power face stumbling block in their pursue to attack Syria

Written By: Mozafor
10/09/2013 23:30

Some time fate takes over design, and Mr Kerry found just that with a sleep of the tong. When asked by a reporter at a press briefing, what may save Syria from an imminent USA attack; he thoughtlessly said something that was not the plan of the scriptwriter to war. Mr Kerry may be regretting for....    Full story...

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Riots in India, Hindu mobs target and kills Muslims, 30 dead

Written By: Mozafor
09/09/2013 22:43 09/09/2013 22:39

Indian Minority Muslims are being targeted again by Hindu mobs in Uttar Pradesh. Sectarian violence is not new in India, in 1992 Hindu mob in Ayodhya sparked India’s worst communal clashes when they razed a 16th century Mosque. Unlike neibouring Bangladeshi minority Hindu population, who....    Full story...

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An out of the ordinary wedding

Written By: Mozafor
06/09/2013 18:53
Thoughts and Ideology

For some time I have been thinking of writing something about a recent wedding I attended in Cardiff. It is no other than the wedding of Save Bangladesh Zara Kadir and Noman Khan. I don’t know how the name Juhora that I always had known her name by became Zara, perhaps for simplicity, or it....    Full story...

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Can America stand to justify a war on Syria on moral grounds while they have committed so much crime with conventional, and unconventional weapon

Written By: Mozafor
05/09/2013 20:33

What is the diffrence between Assad and America, just ask those people living on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, they will tell you those mean machine over their sky raining on them death, and turning a quiet peacful land in to a living hell. So it’s rather interesting to see....    Full story...

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Washington’s Syria policy is driven by geopolitical motive rather than establishing democracy in the Middle East

Written By: Mozafor
04/09/2013 21:58

Reflecting on some of the comment I had received on my previous thoughts on Syria, I can only say to those who did not agree with me is that any writing is subjective: one may find it interesting and agreeable and others will criticise it depending on individuals understanding and taste, but for....    Full story...

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With the order to release Husni Mubarak,and brutal killings of Muslim Brotherhood, is Egypt heading towards another protracted Mubarak Era

Written By: Mozafor
23/08/2013 17:16 23/08/2013 17:12
Contemporary Debate

All the indications are, Arab spring has had its premature death, and a revival is not immediate round the corner, although the fervour for change remains, but the ruling elite are too powerful and barbaric to subdue then in the normal process. Already the brotherhood has been labelled as....    Full story...

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Who are the game changers in Egypt and in Bangladesh?

Written By: Mozafor
17/08/2013 12:22 16/08/2013 23:56
Burning Issue

When I look at what happened in Egypt, I see a correlation in what happened on 5th of May in Bangladesh, and the tactics used in Cairo against Muslim Brotherhood. Prior to 1/11, the chaos, and mayhem that took place on the street of Dhaka, appears to have been well planned before hand, in....    Full story...

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The old ways of doing politics should change in Bangladesh as well as in Egypt

Written By: Mozafor
15/08/2013 15:44

Yesterday when I looked at a recorded video in Trityo Matra, where Kazi Zafar of Jatyo Party, and Mr A S M Abdur Rab were discussing various issues relating to present political stalemate, I can sense from what was coming out from their mouth against Awamileague and Sheikh Hasina, was that of two....    Full story...

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The way forward for the 18 party alliances

Written By: Mozafor
28/07/2013 17:55
Burning Issue

Political analysis and counter analysis, what ever rocket science is done, one thing for sure, the opposition has to stick together to get rid of this government. Whether through ballot or by agitation, unity of purpose must be one, and that this government must go. Bangladesh Jamati Islam focus....    Full story...

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Demystifying the mystery: 90 years for a 96 year old man

Written By: Mozafor
15/07/2013 14:10 15/07/2013 13:20
BD War crime trial

Its not the age, it is more to do with catch 22 situation for the Awamileague, for they had started something unfairly, and now they can not unwind it back. They couldn’t acquit him, for it will antagonize the Shabagis, and they can not hand out a death sentence, for it can not be justified....    Full story...

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“First a look, then a smile, then a node, then the warmth of the bed.”

Written By: Mozafor
13/07/2013 17:50

Why there is so much fuss about Mufti Shafis lecture on Hijab? I have seen the whole video and found nothing controversial or degrading about women; rather it’s a complement for women that they are precious and a blessing given by Allah to protect them, and to live with them in comfort....    Full story...

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Egypt massacre and the need to reflect on the impediment of Muslims lack of advancement

Written By: Mozafor
08/07/2013 16:36

Our brothers in Egypt are being massacred with the same tactics as was applied in Bangladesh on Hifazot. This reminds me of Zionist and American strategy to use the secularist and the army to silence any form of Islamic movement taking momentum in the modern world. We Muslim are apathetic to the....    Full story...

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Why is Awamileague in a loosing spree?

Written By: Mozafor
07/07/2013 15:13

Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah, All praise is for Allah who has proven the fallacy of Awamileague policy. Once again, it is beyond any doubt, after the five city council election, the people of Bangladesh have turned their face away from Awamileague. Where is the Nastik Jafar Iqbal now, who....    Full story...

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There can be no comparison between local and parliamentary election as regards to its importance and significance in running the country

Written By: Mozafor
06/07/2013 16:44
Burning Issue

What ever the result in Gaji Pur, 18 party alliances can always point out the illogicality and fallacy of Awamileague argument that parliamentary election under their administration will be free and fair without government influence. For start, there can be no comparison between local and....    Full story...

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