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Justice Denied !!

Written By: Nazmul
21/03/2013 0:50 20/03/2013 23:52
Bangladesh in Intl. Media

My school friend Munni, recently I called her long time later. However her father is a police constable and now a days he has to be in Hartal Duties. Munni said, her father told them, anytime anything can be happened to me. Hasina government is nothing but  brutal and autocratic. Her father also mentioned government has just ordered them to shoot people.

I questioned her, If so, why police do not revolt against this type of tyranny ?

She replied simply, they get minimum amount of money from their job, on which their family depend on. No one wants to lose job anyway.

Things are really complicated. Law enforcement agencies like RAB , Police are being used as tool to torture innocents. General people are not safe from police or RAB itself. Justice, Human dignity, Human rights those words are abducted by the government. On the other hand because of unstable political situation and strikes, activists are destroying their own properties in the streets. Political parties are intolerant to each other. Here politicians are active in politics to their self benefits. Looting public money, corrupted Politicians are being richer and poorer are being poorer.

Our freedom fighters sacrificed their precious lives for a Bangladesh, where people would not be killed by Police or RAB like birds. They didn’t fight for a country where no one is safe now, where justice would  extinct like the rulers, where people would be fighting each other for no reason but to satisfy dirty politicians.

Freedom fighters fought for a Bangladesh, where people would live with human dignity, proper rights and Justice.

We are waiting for a Peaceful Bangladesh. May Allah save our beloved Country...


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