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Bangladesh: Chaotic education sector !

10/11/2015 14:07

The private university students in Bangladesh have protested recently on vat issue (imposing vat on tuition fee by government) and they succeeded but it was a very limited demand. Definitely it was a successful event and students from public universities supported them too which is obviously a good sign of future cooperation between public and private education institutions in Bangladesh but the tuition fee in private universities is still huge and out of reach for many middle class people of Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the world's eighth-most populous country, with over 168 million people. Thus we need adequate educational institutions offering reasonable tuition fees which will be affordable for middle classes. One thing is very important – education is our fundamental right.  With other fundamental rights like medicine, education was always vat free in Bangladesh. So why it should be imposed now while it’s economy is developing ?

But let’s have a look on the private universities of Bangladesh. It is a very well known fact, not any private university in Bangladesh offers basic science degree like Physics/Chemistry. They do not offer Sociology in some cases. None of the private universities offer literature related subjects. Private universities offer B.Sc degree mostly in engineering and business. The moto of these private universities is quite clear – they need profit just by giving bachelors’ degree in professional and demanding fields. The unemployment problem and lack of skilled manpower has given the private universities some chances to make profit in education sector. So the question is inevitable – how they are ultimately “Universities” ? As they do not offer basic science degrees, how they can contribute that is related to innovation ? There are only 2-3 good private universities which have better lab facilities; others often visit to public universities like University of Dhaka, Jahangirnagar University for laboratory data. My main point is, universities should fill up some conditions to compete with international standards. Otherwise, it is just a profitable business of selling education ! So, how can a society, where manpower is coming through education used in commercial approach can be a better place for scientific thinking approach ? Is that all start from university level ? well, let’s a have a very general view on primary and secondary education system.   

Social condition and human rights are directly related to education system of primary and secondary level where children learn the way of thinking. In Bangladesh, the primary and secondary education system is a bit obsolete like other developing nations.  The syllabus is being modified but due to lack of technological advancement, this changed has amplified a little. Moreover, three different education systems are running in Bangladesh – English medium, Bengali Medium and Madrasa education. Among these systems, In Madrasa education, topics like genetics or modern days astronomy is ignored totally.Like English and Bengali medium education system – it is necessary to develop a good syllabus for Madrasa education. Students studying English medium are having opportunity of modern education  where students from Madrasa are being deprived. This discrimination is hinder for making a better tomorrow I guess as education was always an influential factor to develop socio-economic condition. Again for better scientific thinking approach, we need better science education curriculum and facility. 

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