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Does Hasina follow Indian government ??

Written By: Nazmul
18/03/2013 23:54 18/03/2013 21:41
Human rights


India, the neighbouring country of Bangladesh is highly interested in Bangladesh. While people are being tortured by the Brutal Awami Government, India admired Hasina for her brutal persecution. Indian Border police BSF is in action to kill Bangladeshi people in the border areas. Over the last 3 years BSF has killed more than 500 Bangladeshi people in different borders. Yet Bangladdesh government never took any strict initiative to stop BSF killing. On the other hand ,Supporting Shahbag drama, Indian diplomats are expressing their over conscious interest on Bangladesh.

However we need to point out Indian Government's real characteristics. I am going to show some phenomena of India where state sponsored terrorism is in boom. India is a police state and a terrorist state, torturing its own people years after years.  

1. The Crimes of the Indian occupation forces, numbering more than half a million, against the people of Kashmir have now reached genocide proportions, presenting the worst example of state-sponsored terrorism. India has 70 thousand troops in Kashmir. Its a continuous genocide.

 Mass graves found in Kashmir :

2. The tribal belt of East and western belt consists of various hilly regions, people of these tribal belt are highly discriminated and tortured by the state for long time. When the Indian government is not allowing their constitutionals rights, they are struggling to bring back their rights.

3. Seven sisters movement in India : The states of Arunachal Pradesh (capital – Itanagar), Assam (capital – Dispur), Manipur (capital – Imphal), Meghalaya (capital – Shillong), Mizoram (capital – Aizawl), Nagaland (capital – Kohima) and Tripura (capital – Agartala) together are referred to as the Seven Sister States. Because of Indian Government's discrimination and refusal of development in these states, a separatist movement is going on across these seven states for decades after decades.“seven-sisters”/

3. India is corporate Hindu state. 

3. Judicial Killing of Afzal Guru : Afzal Guru was hanged by Indian Court without any proper evidence against him. Even his dead body was not handed over to his family members. An eye opening  documentary On Afzal Guru's story, containing unbiased and neutral prospective of Afzal from the Indian intellectuals,

Arundhati Roy article on Afzal Guru

All the above issues denote us the India's real characteristics. Like India, Bangladesh government is also committing the same types of injustice. Police continuously killing people and Awamileagu's terrorist student wing Bangladesh Chattraleague has been terrorizing people over the last 4 years of Awami reign.

As like as the Afzal Guru case, Hasina Govt ,in Bangladesh is  playing the same game with Mawlana Sayeeedy. Without proper evidence, court has given verdict against Mawlana Syeedy. Seems Hasina is highly inspired by Indian Government's judicial Killing of Afzal Guru. 

We just can say ''Justice denied'' 




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