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The Rise of the Tigers – Yalmai Kazi

Written By: yalmaikazi
01/04/2015 7:53

The Rise of the Tigers – Yalmai Kazi


The end of World Cup 2015 ushers in a new period for Bangladesh sports and as can easily be observed, this also brings in a changed mentality that we too now are in a position to taste victory.


Bangladesh first played the world cup in 1999. Back then we all hoped that we would at least try winning with another associate nation but even if that was not possible it was fine with us since just watching Bangladesh play the Cricket World Cup was a big enough treat for us. This was primarily because we knew our players did not play enough international matches and did not have adequate training facilities, despite this fact they elated us when they actually won against Scotland, an associate nation, & even Pakistan, a major test playing nation.


Flash forward to 2015, this time our players were much more experienced and had much better training. Several of our players are internationally recognized players which includes Shakib al Hasan, worlds best all rounder in the field of cricket. So, this time our expectations were considerably high and we were confident our team would perform, and perform they did. They exploded into the Quarter Finals, defeating top teams like England but dropped out from the Quarter Finals after losing out to India. Despite the loss, they performed really well but due to some crucial umpiring errors Bangladesh unfortunately lost. However, in our eyes they had won and we were tremendously proud of them. We saw our players deliver an excellent performance, grudgingly accepted our defeat and hoped for a victorious future.


When the players, or as they are lovingly called here in Bangladesh, the Tigers landed in Dhaka, a huge crowd thronged the airport waiting there to welcome them home which soon turned into a scene of a massive celebration. We wanted to show them we appreciated their potential and expected a lot from them now. That we trusted them as they united us in celebration. That we now know that the Rise of the Tigers has begun.     

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