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Mymensingh shortages Foley Fish

Written By: manoneshdas
30/03/2015 4:06

Foley Fish Mymensingh region lacks now. Match the market is low.  Natural destruction, natural disasters, erosion, filling dense dams, flood, weather changes,River swerve, haora Baor, -Bill canal filling, soil contamination due Foley Fish Mymensingh and the country is going to lose. Native species of this fish, algae, insects, mud, sand, small fish like to eat it. The rainy season is a mother fish about three thousand eggs. Koptara taste of fried fish and small spines Foley foodie Bengali people tongue is long-standing. However, a 1999 survey report, the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) announced nearly Foley Fish. Foley Fish Mymensingh region is famine. Foley is now somewhat of fish shortages. Sometimes the match. Bangladesh Agricultural University Fisheries Science Department Chairman. Md Idris Mia, delicious and nutrient rich fish were abundant rural Bengal. Naturally, due to the escalating this fish is now no longer match. According to him, Foley Fish possible to save through artificial insemination.

Muktagachha (Mymensingh) Foley of fish harvested in the market, the less match

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Foley Fish Mymensingh shortages 


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