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The war crime spectrum: A fortune of Jamat that must to happen today or tomorrow

Written By: Sham
14/03/2013 18:22

It is undoubtedly true that Bangladesh Jamat-e-Islami is the strongest ant largest Islamic political movement in Bangladesh. It is the only movement in Bangladesh that is considered of being alike of Muslim Brotherhood in Arab world. In terms of other factors like financial and institutional strength, it is the one in the top in the country among any other Islamic parties. Probably these are the actual reason why only as a team Bangladesh Jamat-e-Islami is focused by the media as a party who were against the liberation war and accused for war crime during the 1971, though there were about at least ten more political parties some of them were stronger than Jamat stood against the liberation war of Bangladesh.  

The most important question is, as per the socio-political strategies are concern, does Jamat really deserve the situation that they are currently facing? In response, my humble opinion would be that they actually deserve worst situation than that. It is because, immediately after the liberation war, another intellectual and socio-cultural war began which Jamat as a most organized political party failed to catch up. That intellectual war includes every potential dimensions possibly necessary to create a generation that will bear their perception, emotion and motivation on the basis of falsehood with of course some mixing of surficial true fact, so that even someone want to think would not be able to go far deeper enough to dig out the truth.

As the clash against all worldly motivated ideologies against Islam is the most unrealized truth to many Muslim still today, the actual root of current situation would be very difficult to understand by many. This situation was not created overnight rather it was created very slowly and silently. Those who are in the front line demanding death penalty fanatically with their outspoken voices are the one leftist in ideology and atheists in faith. These people were among those who were against the liberation war of Bangladesh in 1971. However when all the issues like “war crime”, “Al-badar”, “Razakar” and “Shanti committee” come in front, purposely as a political party only Jamat was being mentioned as the culprit. But the others including leftists were never mentioned in the public discussions. In the past 40 years, in the Dramas, cinemas, talk shows, news and magazines Jamat were continuously blamed and others were hidden from the seen. As a result the current generation has completely formed their perception that Jamat is the synonym of anti-Bangladeshi national state.

All these years they were not just propagating the one eyed historical truth mixed with several lies and inconsistencies, they were also preceded with countless academic documentation process to fool the nation in future like today. The entire media of Bangladesh regardless print media, electronic media and the internet are firmly dominated by the leftists and atheists. That is why it was very easy for them to establish the falsehood as truth. Not only that, almost all publications and research centers are run by the leftists-atheist society in Bangladesh. Now one could easily understand without any further explanation that the situation faced by Bangladeshi Islamic activists is not something strange rather it was pre planned and perfectly implemented due to completely inactivity of Jamat regarding creating at least resource full archive in favor of them which is academically acceptable.

The resources against Jamat are everywhere in the internet, books, journal articles, documentaries and so on. On the other hand the missing links of those resources that can prove that they are mostly fabricated were not gathered in any forms of collection. That is why even if someone wants to know the truth by self study of Bangladeshi history will definitely make a conclusion the way the leftists want them to be.  When the preparation of this war was this much organized and far sighted Bangladesh Jamat islami was just inactive in counter. They were just following the ongoing political indicators thinking they are going to emerge as a prominent political force in Bangladesh.

Of course the history of Bangladesh was written in a way that it will serve the purpose of godless atheist and leftist people. In order to do that many falsehoods had to be injected purposely and cleverly that it can perfectly serve the desired objectives. As a part of this, the symbolization of the anti Bangladeshi characters was purposely and continuously presented by all forms of public communication tools with the Islamic dress and signs.  Now a person with beard, Islamic dress is hardly honored in the society hence the abhorrence to Islam of Muslim youth is created in their subconscious mind so that they don’t even realize that they actually do not value Islam as they should.

Bearing the above failures of jamat the current situation is no wonder but the ultimate result that surely were to happen today or tomorrow.                                                    

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