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Written By: manoneshdas
23/03/2015 10:07

Birthday means a newspaper in a festive mood. Cake cutting,  rally, organized by a share exchange of multidimensional formalities surrounding the day at work. To correct the mistakes of the past anew suffix calao birthday. I still could not do anything for them. I confess my failure. Without everyone's favorite festival of exceeds 3 years 4 years seemed to go. I think that this journey will undoubtedly add a new level of expectation in the heart of every reader.  long ties to the heart of the reader.  ties to fresh new taste of readers every day. My relationship with readers many days as editor . Being a journalist, editor of the very challenging task. region, with people flowing Brahmaputra flows going forward the message to me, it does not less.  People's minds  message has earned his sake and not for useful .   through the ranks of the 4 years old is rare. The demand   of greater Mymensingh, Bangladesh and the earth as a favorite magazine spread throughout his glory. Ekajhaka news magazine dedicated worker concentration and the success of the message of piety Mymensingh sector. Objectivity and impartiality in news magazine serving the heart of every reader has attracted. Local news and other issues very seriously   comes up. I try to keep in mind the needs of the reader basically maintains the value of the message of Mymensingh. In the case of my associates is universally accepted that the intellectual identity.   was sacestha write about contemporary. It has developed my own creativity. Has a wide range of knowledge. Narrowness of approach has been cut. The opportunity to grow as a man has created a freethought. It seems more plausible to me at the reader's response. Many readers have reported the e-mail and phone.   of weakness and Fitness comments. Many encouraged. I offer the reader a lot of courage and strength to be strong in spirit and thought. Embody the spirit of the liberation of   . So in the interests of the country at the top position in the hearts of many readers, not to shake my guides. On behalf of all of the last days of   to the next call. Thank you.

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