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Road safety can not be imagined

Written By: manoneshdas
22/03/2015 12:32 20/03/2015 4:33

kaagoj.comBangladesh, in the context of road safety to road safety can not be imagined. Now, because of road accidents on the highway is also quite common. Fresh in our country on the road to life, the storm is a rare example of the world | due to road accidents. Some of the - overloading, decrepit roads, defective vehicles, passenger cars malabahana, freight car yatribahana, disobeying traffic rules, folding Shop on the roadway construction, building materials, to keep the streets free roaming cattle cow and goat, nasimana, Karim movement, etc. All due to road accidents occurring more frequently in order to avoid accidents .The overloading It is the need to look at, to repair dilapidated roads. To comply with traffic rules. On the road shops, offices of political parties in the construction and building materials should be stopped, to prevent them from down the street and road vehicles cattle susti awareness to individuals.

The film actor Ilias Kanchan Jahanara his wife was killed in a road accident, road safety campaign began demanding. Today, in fact, everyone deserves. So everyone will be initiatives to ensure safe road traffic. Reckless driver will explain. Otherwise, the driver stopped the car and handed over to police to be the closest. Wishing you well, trapped in a road accident deaths of countless people can be saved from death.

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