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journalism citizen journalists

Written By: manoneshdas
19/03/2015 15:20

Good citizen journalism citizen journalists. Citizen Journalism Journalists. As a member of a civilized political society people enjoy the status of her citizenship. Many of the two words in the same sense of citizenship and civic uses. But the nationality of the person's dignity and quality of the civil society members of the person's identity. Kelasanera, according to the state as a member of the nationality of the person or position styataja. Any person who enjoys the status of any country, is determined based on whether the citizens. So, the political status of the nationality of the person. Professor laskira the judgment obtained by the nationality of the person applying for the public welfare. The person who does not fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the state citizen can not be deprived of identity, but she is not a citizen of the deprived. In fact, the quality and dignity of citizens of the nationality of the perception and practice.
Lexical the inhabitants of the city are called citizens. For example, citizens of Mymensingh, Italy citizens, etc. shouted. But the advent of the national state as a result of national identity is defined in a special place, but the state is determined by the center. As a citizen of the United States citizen, a citizen of Russia, etc. According eyaristatalera, whom we'll call it the naturalization seia person pranayanamulaka state laws and has the power to participate in the proceedings of the trial. To the citizens of the city-states sakriyababe able to participate in governance. But the vast bulk of the population and the national governments of all nations to all nations can not participate directly in governance, not samicinao. Modern political opinion, to the citizens of the state to settle, and loyalty to the state by praksa, rastrapradatta social and political rights and duties of the state is duty.
Civilized national wealth. Society and the state's reputation, based on the progress and status sunagarikatara. Lord Bryce, according to the moral character of the person, the intelligence, moderation and reason œ dont possess three. In addition to these three attributes must be careful about some civilized citizen. For example, in all respects, not someone younger, educated and cultured, the state sasana system to acquire, for the protection of individual liberty and the freedom to remain alert and aware, that every fan of discipline and punctuality, strong and independent attitude to be sensitive and common sense, wisdom and dedication must be worth.
Being a good citizen in the way of some form of restriction. According to Lord Bryce, indifference, personal selfishness and partisan attitudes. Also ignorance, dont œ mbharata, arrogance, bigotry, sectarianism, economic inequality.
Sunagarikatara ways to reduce the barrier, the constitutional remedy, the moral and economic remedies remedy. Bangladesh is an independent and sovereign state. For nine long months of struggle for independence on 16 December 1971, full of English people gain the victory. The bitter experience of the freedom struggle to integrate our national consciousness and has augmented the doubt. But due to the mundane and the provision of compulsive selfish indifference among citizens, sbartaparata and very strong team spirit. Ignorance and lack of education œ mbharita At our constant companion. To be in the hands of all the obstacles to free citizens and to build good citizens through universal suffrage system performance will ensure free and fair elections. Youth and student community as a political tool, one that can not be used and unfair financial advantage lobha lust and moral values ​​and the morale of the youth so that this does not destroy anyone or any group alert and be aware of all of us.
Universally accepted a great job. Since the creation of the ancient times. Career at the prestigious and maryadakara job is marked as. As well as any person involved in journalism and the newspaper is holding pedestal of honor. Social responsibility and human welfare, the role of the state in that profession niyojitara have established themselves as the conscience of the nation.
Course of time gradually increased the importance of news and journalism. In remote rural areas of the country's national newspaper space is buried in modern journalism Stroke on stroke. Cup of tea with a man in the eyes of the press and the phone bolate gramere has become accustomed to. As a result of increased parithi journalism. Almost all of the district now being published in several newspapers in print and online. Young people are being attracted to the profession in the port city of rural youth. Society, the nation and the commitment they are involved with. News and journalism in the modern world, the Internet is important bumika parithi rise is observed.
From time immemorial, the intense desire to learn its catusparsera different content and events. People Basically, curious. His curiosity about the neighbor; Neighboring state of knowing; World rasetrara social, political, religious, economic status, problems, prospects, new discovery, the old invention is able to know these things when janaramanusa history etc. Then simply cease curiosity and give birth to a new interest.
At the beginning of civilization to the world of the very small and limited. He just had to convince his village or the area without knowing the news. Besides, there was more to learn, not the way it was. Over time, people's interest in the development of civilization to progress and improve the movement of the press. For information about the newly ages, to inquire about other people's varied strategies. Known popularly known first heard the man was khabarabara a restricted area. The drum or trumpeted the news in one place to another place, would promote. Later, it was a little improvement. El pigeons. PETA drum than the urgent message from one place to another place at very low repealed pigeons could be reached. Now, telephone, phyaska, mobile, e-mail facilities have been created. According to Dr. catropadhyayera Perth, running Journalism Reflections on life. But she never, ever objective. These images to contain his heart to bring him back to the public in a complex procedure sambadikata combination of clinical history, literature and Quickstep. Street life, describing the nature of society and the pace of engineering. Journalism is the name of a product or work. According to Professor myakadogala karatisa D, 0. If you possess can be admitted as a journalist is a journalist. Cute, friendly, strength imagination, creativity, strong nerves, enough speed, courage, endurance, organizational strength, dhairyasakti, mental alertness, their duties, sincere, honest, disciplined, hasyojjala, monitoring power. According to the newspaper, the fourth pillar of Roland E ulasalera. Shafiqur Newaz the country's economy, politics, society, religion, and popular awareness, new discovery, left-titiksa, dream volition, arti ardor, talks the talk, promises "ti etc. All karmakandai news. Rafiqul Islam, according to the minister, the most difficult task to start on the beautiful and interesting news stories. While writing a report and feature journalists faced fitting title for a news or feature you would like to read the reader eagerly.

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journalism citizen journalists 


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