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A pessimistic prayer of an optimistic Bangladeshi.

Written By: Saddam-Hossain
15/02/2015 16:25

We,the  Bangladeshis, are the most emotional creature on the earth.That we know ,and believe.We lead by emotion most than any other tide,rational or intellectual.The whole colony rush getting the news that someone missing is back or someone is missing and try to show their sympathy or joy.Everyone gathered when one's house is on fire and tries to diminish the fire,even unwanted.But this helping and moving nature of the nation turns deaf and blind when a hooligun beats an old man on the broad streets.When the owner of the shop beats the little working boy mercilessly,none protests rather encourage the beast of his brutality.Why this doublestandards?.Because we are-a cat to a mouse but a mouse to the cat.But this brother of the winner attitude is not our root.We have the inheritance of "Khudiram","Surjosen" who are the lions to the mighty oppressrs but always brother to the oppressed.Alas!this chivalry is now a mere Utopia to the yoyo generation and we see no light of hope on the edge of that dark and fearful tannel.

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