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BNP Declares Nationwide Strike, But AL ( Ruling Party ) cadres more active in Burning Bus and Killing people ! ( Photo Post )

Written By: Nazmul
07/02/2015 19:55

Bangladesh is burning! People are in shock. Current political instability arising the tension on a daily basis. Death toll rises, despite the entire crisis both government and the opposition party does not show any empathy to the citizens of the country in their action. 

Opposition party declares strikes, ruling party activists more actively participate in it. 

Here are some recent national newspaper documents of the ruling party cadre’s vandalising activities with Petrol Bombs, which results the crisis more vulnerable. 

1. Bangladesh Chatra League Cadres tried arsoning a bus, 3 arrested. 


2. In comilla Chouddogram 2 BCL cadres arrested with Petrol Bombs. Police refuses shortly after. 


3. BCL cadre injured making Bombs. 




4. In Rupganj 4  BCL ( Bangladesh Chatra League ) Hoodlums injured while making bombs. 


5. Juba League activist captured with Petrol Bombs. 

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