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Unexpected Mayhem

Written By: Aboneel
01/02/2015 10:39

It is an evident character of people to possess a different point of view. But, it doesn’t mean that we demolish others by establishing own. This view is evitable in political arenas at large. It is natural, that, no one cannot be perfect. Allah (swt) doesn’t make us a perfect. We commit mistakes and He, the Kindness, forgives us. So, our government cannot be perfect and it is the duty of the opponents to point out the flaws and suggest them to overcome those, so that, the country could run smoothly. However, we are not enough fortunate now to see this harmony actually.

The ongoing political mayhem disrupts our normal ways of life. As a suburbanite, it is the only vehicle for me to go to my office is the local bus service. Not only that, bus is the main source of communication to travel throughout the country. But, it has become a dangerous vehicle to travel on. Miscreants throw patrol bomb, Molotov cocktail on these vehicles especially. I don’t know what kind of disagreement it is by injuring innocuous people? What kind of disagreement it is, by thrashing public transportation services? What kind of disagreement it is, by torching food-carried trucks? What kind of disagreement it is, by breaking down the backbone of agriculture? What kind of disagreement it is, by ruining the law of order? What kind of disagreement it is, by spreading fear among people?

When hawker delivers newspaper at home, I see tearful incidents. Parents burnt in front of their children, wife burnt while doing chat with her husband, toddler burnt while playing in the lap of his/her parents. When I depart from my domicile, I observe the horror on the face of my dear ones.  When I go to the classroom, I see fear on the learners’ face. They have to constantly trade-off between safety and education. Their parents are also in a dilemma, whether they sent their offsprings to the educational institution or keep them into the house. Fear is everywhere. People are not sure, how long these pandemonium will continue.

There are ways available to show disagreement peacefully. But, demolishing the normal flow of country people’s life, could not bring a fruitful solution. We, the people, want our peaceful life back and expect a prompt solution of this fear.

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