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Acting BNP Secretary general arrested

Written By: Nazmul
11/03/2013 14:05

Image: Prothom Alo

Bangladesh Police arrested High Profile opposition Leader. Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) acting secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam has been arrested from Naya Palton Office. This is third time government arrest him. He is a charismatic leader who inspired many activists to stand against current oppressive government lead by Prime Minister shykh Hasina. 

It is believed Mr. Mirza is the key figure who reviving BNP's spirit. Under his leadership BNP has taken some strong programs against government injustice, brutal killing in recent days. He was the first opposition senior leader who called 28th February's killing as "GENOCIDE" which left more than 100 opposition activist dead. 

Today government agents organise a plot to arrest top opposition leaders. According to the plot, Police found Cocktel (locally made explosive) in BNP office. It is funny to believe BNP kept cocktail, bomb in their own office while police surrounded the office 24/7. Yet, Bangladeshi pro government Media will not ask the question before publishing news; under the police surveillance how those cocktail have been reach there??

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