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Syndicated service!!!

Written By: Nazimp
18/07/2014 11:18

On the other day, I went to Education Ministry to have my certificate signed. This is my first time i went to to the Bangladesh secretariat for a purpose. When i was going to enter the gate the forces halted me saying " For what are you going inside? I replied "i need signature'. 
They asked me how many signs do i need? I replied 12. They said that i had to give 1500 for that. I asked 'why? if you do not have channel you never find it easy to have signature, and off course you will need several days to get it, they replied. if you give us money we will make it done for hours. 
Moving all around the secretariat i tried to find a proper channel to have the signature but in vein. Later I came to know that Many services have been syndicated by vested quarter personnel & security forces. And high officials also have hand in it. 
This is how corruption are practiced in our administration. Citizens supposed to get their services from government getting direct access to the office paying some fees or free. but this kind of hassle is unexpected and heinous.

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