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Evolution of Underground Music in Bangladesh

Written By: Fariha
14/07/2014 3:34 14/07/2014 3:33

Underground music is generally known as a movement in the music industry when a certain group of listeners want to listen to a genre of music which is not available in the mainstream music arena and a group of musicians are interested to produce that type of music. The inception of underground music in Bangladesh can be traced back to the 1960s with the advent of what we refer to as ‘band music’ with the undisputed pioneer band “Bangladesh” started by Mr. Rumi Omer, an ex football player. They were soon followed by a flurry of bands seeing the popularity they achieved. Bands like Zinga & Uccharon (Azam Khan) soon ushered in a new era in Bangladeshi music.

Initially the bands did not have top notch instruments or sounds systems to play with but they persevered creating a niche with a steady fan following performing in underground concerts and gaining popularity. Later on with bands like Souls, Miles, LRB & Ark entering the game with better instruments and sound system playing to full houses radically changed the perception of underground music in Bangladesh. It became a force to be reckoned with and soon crept its way into mainstream Bangladeshi music. On the flip side it meant that the music they made in the mainstream was considerably watered down to a pop/rock genre to appeal to a larger audience because commercial success is also very important but to fulfill their apetite and also of their fans they kept on making ‘hard’ music in their underground concerts.

Further down the road entered names like Warfaze, Cryptic Fate, Artcell, Black and many others who were primarily interested in making ‘hard’ music underground and otherwise. It is at this time that the underground truly flourished.

Nowadays, with the advent of Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Music sharing sites like Sound Cloud and video sharing sites like YouTube, the underground has moved on to a whole new platform, the digital stage. With this, along with rock and metal, there are tones of other genres of music in the underground like Hip-hop, EDM, Dubstep, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues etc etc. Also with the ease of home recording set ups producing music has come ever so within the grasp of the average person. These days you can easily get music editing softwares, get a mike and a keyboard and set up your own thing, produce the type of song you want and release it on the internet. As soon as you build up a certain amount of hype, concerts and then subsequently albums follow.

Some people might say that things have gotten a whole lot easier than it used to be but with the ease also came a whole lot of competition which did not exist earlier.  But whatever your position is on this debate one thing remains constant, the passion to create music burns ever so brightly as it always did and always will.

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