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Upzilla Election-2014 in the eye of an observer-1

Written By: mahfuj
09/04/2014 17:38

Government has completed Upzilla Election-2014 with success in spite of rising criticism on last three phases. This election has divided in five phases. I was observer of last phase, most crucial and impefect corrupted phase. It was 31 march 2014 I started my observation from 10 am in 2 no. north charbangshi, Raipur, Lakshmipur. In this seat there were four cahirman, three vice-chairman, three female vice -chairman candidates. When we reached a polling centre a police officer complained that supporters of Awami backed candidate have austed agents of jamaat backed candidate. I had been astonished hearing this type of complain because of police personel were saing that they have no power to control this situation. Only three police personel were there. When we entered the poling booth, we found a man who had custed his vote but he entered into booth again. We caught the man and ask why are you in here? He replied that he is a  army personel and he showed us his ID card. Then when we made him remember that you are in leave, so, you have no right to be in here after custing vote he went out. Other two journalist were there in this polling centre as observer. They were requesting us to stay there for long time. But we had urge to observe another centre. In the mean time supporters of Awami league backed candidate were being angry on us and they were threating us indirectly because of they could not cust invalied vote for us.

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Upzilla Election-2014 Corruption 


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