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Time is going to be tough for Bangladesh.

Written By: AbdulHalim
06/01/2014 19:36 06/01/2014 19:35

Situation in Bangladesh is very bad. The country which is full of natural resources has been exploited by her own countrymen for more than 40 years. Who supposed to work for the prosperity of the country they are just playing with the fate of their motherland for their own interest. Sheikh Hasina chief of the ruling party Bangladesh Awamy League has done everything in destabilizing Bangladesh. After 42 years of independence the ruling party divides the whole nation instead of bringing peace and communal harmony
They brought up controversial issues to oppress the opposition parties. After long time of collision and oppression recently they managed to hold national election under their own govt. All the international communities were abstained from observing the election process. They have done everything, vote rigging and giving fake vote etc. to win the election, even when they found that they got managed to cast only 10-15 % vote they changed the number to 45-50% to show international communities that they won through a fair process. They did everything by help of Indian hegemony.
The Opposition alliance led by Bangladesh Nationalist party became able to get people´s support in avoiding election. In the same time Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami which is the biggest Islamic party, despite of ruling party´s propaganda and oppression surprisingly got huge support from general people. This becomes headache for neighbour country India. Indian concern is BNP alliance will work against Indian interest which is not true. Actually they have fear that nationalist party would not compromise with any illegal agreement which they already done with ruling party awamy league. That´s why India wants to see awamy league in the power which is the main cause of the current situation in Bangladesh.

Situation would not be changed if BNP led alliance will make govt. in the upcoming election. BNP led 18 parties alliance is more nationalist than that of Awamy League and they would not do anything against the interest of Bangladesh. So what will happen then? India will be trying to create unstable situation in Bangladesh what they did in the past. Indian intelligence agency RAW(Research and Analysis Wing) is working in its neighbor countries to create unstable situation to get benefited from that. In the past, they patronized so-called islamist extremist Jamayat-e-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB). They tried to introduce Bangladesh as a terrorist country to the international community, and the goal was to using this issue interfere Bangladesh´s internal issues. That was how India managed to convinced international community to support awamy league led govt. though it was unfair election in 2008.

During last five years awamy league did not do anything in favor of USA or other western countries, continuously they denied USA´s and western´s interest. They started fighting with Dr. Yunus who is the only one Nobel laureate Bangladeshi. Anyway, they kept doing that. What they did that were only for India´s interest. This changed the western thinking about Bangladesh. In the current time we can see the two groups playing their role in Bangladesh, one is India and its allies, another group led by USA. That´s why the current situation is not going to be solved so quickly.
India is doing everything blindly and will be doing in future. So the important question is how come BNP led 18 parties alliance will confront RAW´s challenges in the near future?

N.B.: This is my first post here. I would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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