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Past and new Enemy of Bangladesh !

Written By: Nazmul
31/12/2013 12:03 31/12/2013 11:53

I was in level 4 in primary school at that time. We used to play in our local play ground with my 2 other class mates and some Boro vaias ( local elder brothers). It was not only about playing, but more than that. Boro vaias used to tell interesting stories and they used to share much information on contemporary issues. Cricket was one of the most attractive games for us. We used to argue with each other for our favourite teams. Eventually Boro vaias are very knowledgeable on Cricket, and we the tiny supporters of either India or Pakistan are like Novices.  As Boro vaias are arguing on India or Pakistan is better on bating or Bowling, we used to stare on them with curiosity.

 One day we were playing Golla sut on the play ground. While it was a turn to choose names for each team, one Boro vaia proposed, let’s pick Inida Vs Pakistan. Surprisingly another Boro vaia became so angry out of this, why the hell Pakistan?  This country is our enemy! I hate this country and bla bla bla … 

Argument began so seriously. Some Boro vaias are taking it merely a game and others are pretending to be the freedom fighters of 1971. Hatred, that poisons our hearts and we shall carry it years after years. We the tiny masters were staring to the Boro vaias with big question marks on our faces; this is merely a Game man! Why you are getting so serious?

However, Bangladesh has a geographical land, a name and many more.  This is our Bangladesh, with huge possibilities of prosperities. The distance between Bangladesh and Pakistan is 2205.71 kilometers. Pakistan lost any kind of influence on Bangladesh after its victory. India is replaced as our second enemy. We are surrounded by India. It is killing our people in the border areas; its intelligence agency is working secretly to create unstable situations in Bangladesh. Indian hegemony over Bangladesh is in full extent. Our cultural and social values and heritage is being replaced by Indian nasty culture. Instead of playing a role of good neighbor, India is gradually becoming more and more aggressive while our main political party Awamileague is betraying its own people by signing treaties.

Eventually India is treating Bangladesh as their property. The very recent attitude of India towards Bangladesh and its internal issues indicate their malicious intention.

This is now the high time to think gravely, who is our foremost enemy at this moment? Is it Pakistan or India now? Pakistan is our past enemy. We have shaded our blood to earn freedom, but what about the new enemy of Bangladesh? Would we be able to protect our nation from this new enemy?




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