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Assault on Doctors: What Next:?

Written By: peacedoctor
09/03/2013 12:40 09/03/2013 12:37
Law and Order

The law and order enforcing agencies of Bangladesh have been cracking down heavily on the Islamist activists. Recently they have gone overboard in shooting down innocent people in the streets and homes.

The above given image is the horryfying image of that of a Doctor. The Doctor was going to Batul Mokarram, the national mosque of Bangladesh. On route, he was at first brush fired upon near 'Matsha Vaban', near Press Club of Dhaka.

He fell down as his left leg was shattered with hundreds of splinters.

But alas, that was just the beginning. As he fell on the ground, a policeman ran towards him. THe Doctor, whose name we can not mention here because of security reasons, begged the Policeman for mercy.

The cop showed his mercy. He put the barrel of his shotgun to the left elbow of the Doctor and fired. A chunk of flesh, with parts of the bones of the elbow joint went flying instantly.

The Doctor, still conscious by some unbeleivable force, began to limp awaqy from the site as he feared of being arrested n site, a thing that has become most common these days. THe Police arrested injured victims and left them without treatment for days, torturing them before presenting them to the court. It takes some more days to get an order from the court for medical treatment.

The Doctor, being aware of all that, beagan to run but he collapsed at Kakrail, a place near the site of teh incident. He begged some passers by to help him but everyone was afraid. At last, with teh help of a few kind people, he was able hail a taxi and run to a hospital. There, he recieved primary treatment. But teh hospital did not want such a patient to be in their premises. They asked him to seek treatment elsewhere. He had to move.

He went to a hospital, which is run by islamists. There under an alias, he was admitted as a patient of road traffic accident. This was done in case of a Police raid at teh hospital, another frequent event nowadays. 

The Doctor has undergone 1 surgery, where a flap from his chest has been grafted. He is supposed to undergo a few more surgies where the Doctors are going to try to restore the function of the arm, a fact that few acknowledges.

Being a Doctor, the brother is facing a dark future. The trauma of the event is far surpassing than the trauma to his limbs. Financial problem is gripping the situation as he could not leave the hospital because his family could not pay the bills. 

This is just one of the thousands of stories that are unveiling every day, in the streets of Bangladesh.

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