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A clarion call to wake up and save Bangladesh.

Written By: Zedic
15/12/2013 23:11 15/12/2013 18:18

Against the backdrop of gross injustice and inequities inflicted on all fronts by then West Pakistan (now Pakistan) in the then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), our independence in 1971 at the enormous sacrifice of so much and so many was a must. That independence was not the sole product of one or more political parties but of a mass participation in the war of independence.

I am here only to highlight some of the factors/conditions purposely fostered by the anglicised politicians, dragging democracy along with its very spirit, universally accepted norms, practices, convention and cultures, to almost the bottom line of its destruction in an incompatible condition and circumstance in all respects. And such a situation does not contemporarily at all exist in other democratically developed countries especially in Great Britain. I am here also to suggest some provable remedial courses for putting the country into its right track by eventually introducing and institutionalizing liberal democracy. Now the question for the purpose is whether the very existing corrupt political parties totally devoid of real democratic exercises within and outside the parties breeding all ills and sins since independence, deserve demise and over their ashes new political parties totally meant for good should spring up from the present generation or not.

Since independence even a layman analysis on the chronological developments in the past and now in words, deeds, so called multifarious activities by the political parties and their most notorious offspring in all sectors in the  name of and for democracy, bears an eloquent  testimony that democracy because of constant and persistent torture on it by the politicians past and present for their lust of all kinds being absolutely a misnomer and a mere tool of capturing power, has lost all its lusture, glamour, benevolent human-face and it’s all embracing goodness because the political parties purposely never have allowed real democracy to grow up as an institution to bring forth people oriented politics. As a result since independence the country has been passing its times from crisis to further crisis in all aspects in the affairs of governance. Moreover, taking advantage from the over-all backwardness childlike simplicity of the people they have the country divided into the Roman ‘Patricians’ and ‘Plebians’ with a result that the rich is becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer.

Their ruling for the last almost 43 years shows that they are totally locked in the war of attrition rather than in the war of all round development.  As a result they have presented the country not less rather more than the following net products - chaos, confusion, anarchy, brigandage, vandalism crime against humanity, blame-game politics, power-politics, extreme political restlessness, vindictiveness, dynasty rule, State terrorism, business syndicate, enforced physical disappearance, exploitation, plandering, looting and amassing national wealth and resource, extortion, arson, rape, political sycophancy, indiscriminate firing and killing, un-necessary egoism, ever increasing floating people in and around the urban regions, repeated mutilations of the Constitution from time to time only to satisfy their own interest rather than the interest of the Country,  destruction of  public as well as private properties, using as stooge and corrupting youths inside and outside educational institutions by different political allurements and indulgences, politicization in every organ of the Government including judiciary and other professional and non-professional bodies, political suppression, oppression, repression, sharing and participating in Bank corruption, stock-market, establishment of petty coat as well as parallel government in past and present, corruption conspiracy, lapse of foreign scholarships due to the negligence of bureaucrats, uneven  educational system and what not. Now I leave all these to the readers to consider as to whether these are conducive to real and healthy democracy or the worst products of autocracy in the name of democracy!

Honestly speaking no democracy in real sense did ever and does exist in our country since real democracy does never conceive and give birth to all these vices as mentioned above. All such vices at present have reached such an unimaginable height that they have turned already the whole country into a probable volcano very likely to explode any moment and eat up the very core of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. And because of these, apprehension dwells in the minds of the people that their chain-reactions and encroachment of their germs into the provinces/states of the neighbouring country may provide a plea for taking a temporary occupation on this land and if so, then God forbid, with the passage of time that might turn into a permanent occupation thereby adeeming the sovereign state of Bangladesh.

Democracy in our country instead of being an on-going process for over-all better and further development has rather become a stereotyped symbol around which all these aforesaid vices move at regular intervals and thereby causing innumerable impediments on the way of on-going process of progress in general. It  may be mentioned here that though transfer of power in 1947 in this sub-continent was made under the tutelage of the anglicised politicians in the then non-contemporary socio-economic situations as compared with those of Great Britain,  still the then politicians believed in the heart of their hearts that once independence achieved the patriotic politicians with the passage of time would take most appropriate steps to remove all the socio- economic and political bottlenecks to pave the way for eventually introducing and institutionalizing liberal democracy to run the country as per needs of the time but unfortunately the reverse then and now was and is true. Because of the absence of the people oriented politics in the political parties checking and preventing all these deliberate, highly motivated activities and acts done and still being done by the corrupt politicians, do not arise at all as the suckers cannot be the backers for anything good.

Democracy as we see in the western world especially in England is the outcome of enormous sacrifices of few hundred years both in men and materials. Because of the extreme existing backwardness on all fronts very carefully and deliberately fostered for obvious reasons by the politicians with regard to everything visible and invisible, degree of democracy in the present level in the western world is unthinkable in our country therefore, not expected to work here in compliance with its normal on-going process. It is true that before us we have no other alternative but to ultimately introduce liberal democracy and for that first of all we have to make the people understand real democracy, democratic privileges and how to exercise them. But in view of the present prevailing conditions and inequitable circumstances we cannot achieve it without taking some pre-emptive steps no matter how harsh these might be, by imposing certain restrictions and compulsions for a certain period of time. During that period of time introduction of suitable as well as appropriate curative measures in changing the present political mind set-up is a must so that all the vices stated above may be left out in the dustbin once for all. And to meet the ends a real change not in words but in deeds and thought in the form of reforms must be translated into real practice by maintaining a check and balance in all affairs of the state craft in the Country.

To bring a real qualitative change in politics the very corrupt political parties together with their corrupt politicians must be made inactive by some most appropriate measures from doing politics either directly or indirectly. And for that purpose a Remote Control Mechanism functioning as Watch Dog Committee containing a class of impartial sincere, honest, dedicated, devoted and patriotic minded elderly members from all professions, must be constituted for a particular period of time to repair the wheel of the statecraft and put the country into its right track. And these people can be found in abundance in the silence majority.  Under its tutelage during that period it must find out ways and means so that ‘Young Turks’ from the present generation by their tireless efforts, honesty, love for the country, dedication and above all integrity of character will create favourable atmosphere in all sectors so that genuine people oriented new political parties from the present generation would come out in order to free the country from the clutch of the  present political dragons, with an intention to  eventually introducing liberal democracy if the situation at the material time so permits otherwise we have to wait until that time arrives.

With the passing of time during that waiting period tightness of remote control will gradually be allowed to become flexible as much as proportionate to the all-round development so far achieved and that process will eventually eliminate the present corrupt political parties with their all vices and political illness under the proper guidance of the Watch Dog Committee which will supervise and advise as and when so required the political parties. Once the watch dog committee is satisfied beyond all shadows of doubt that for liberal democracy a level playing field has come into existence then it will cease its function and question like care taker government will obviously have no part to play in politics.

Overhauling reforms in all sectors for the purpose must be drawn by the said Watch Dog Committee in consultation with the other likely minded people and ‘Young Turks’. This poor writer may suggest only some of many but once responsibility is entrusted with that Committee and its associates, many conducive elements and all-embracing good ways and means including check and balance in all affairs of statecraft will come into surface either by innovation or by some other means.

In our country, to nearly 80% people, election means a grand occasion for dancing, dinning, merry making and identifying candidates not by their qualities but by their party Symbol only in return of some tangible benefit. With the end of it election to them means nothing but only a mere past isolated meaningless event. Curiously speaking most of the voters know more the party symbols than the contestants individually and qualitatively and for that they are not to be blamed since their boyhood they never know anything better or different than what they saw and see in election time but that is not a real face of democracy rather a sheer mockery and skulduggery. They were and are not purposely given proper learning about democracy, their democratic rights and obligations and the worst effect of its abuse and misuse. Therefore, they don’t know that abuse and misuse of the democratic privileges in the short as well as long term will drag the country as we now witness, to the bottom line of incorrigible path where from it cannot be expected to have been recouped.

To get rid of all the present impediments the people in general are to be provided with proper education at a certain level to develop their own common sense so that they can understand their democratic rights, obligations and their proper exercise and once they are in possession of them they will be able to comprehend and solve most of their own problems locally and also know the bad effects of abuse and misuse of their democratic rights and that will make them able to identify the contestants not by their party symbol but by their individual qualities. Even to expand their common sense massive propaganda activities on all matters touching the very interest of the country, by the government organs and by other voluntary organizations can be carried on. In short such mass awareness is to be injected in them so that the country may be opened before them as an open library wherefrom not only they take the good and leave the bad but also enrich themselves with the finest seeds of all goodness for the country.

Nothing can be done by democratic process unless overhauling reforms in a planned way in all sectors including legislative, executive, judiciary, electoral and educational and many others are introduced. For that purpose a poor writer like me may not be able to suggest many other than citing some countries the systems of which in different organs can be helpful in reshaping the overall structure in all respects in our country. And for that purpose, Scandinavian, Turkish, Indonesian, Malaysian, French, American (U.S.A.), Canadian, Australian and many other countries’ systems may be looked into as guide and accordingly suitable as well as beneficial elements from them may be adopted in eventually introducing and institutionalizing real democracy.

Religious zealotry and fanaticism act as great enemy to the very religions in real sense and to the development activities. Believers of any religion should be guided by their own religious spirit rather than by the beliefs based on religious prejudices and fanaticism since the very message of all religions is ‘Peace’ for mankind all over the World. Such religious fanaticism and zealotry will stand nowhere once the people having trained, tailored and tutored are adorned with much awareness and comprehension as to what is good or bad for them and for the country.

At present the country is passing through an on-rush of turmoil of unprecedented scale and her fate is not at all safe at the hands of the present corrupt political parties. I am not an expert in the affairs of statecraft of the country but inspite of that what I can visualize very clearly is that if the present political parties are allowed to rule the country further more time, then there is every likelihood to emerge an untoward danger on the very sovereignty and independence of the country which only by taking most appropriate measures by the ‘Young Turks’ can be checked. In the final analysis I find no other alternative but to give a clarion call to the ‘Young Turks’ of the present generation under the guidance of the experts, to wake up and save the country from the hungry clutch of the existing corrupt political parties failing which not only the sovereignty but also her very existence will be at stake.

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