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The rise of a modern terrorist party in Bangladesh disguised in the pretence of secularism

Written By: Mozafor
15/11/2013 21:35
Burning Issue

The name ‘Awamileague’ stands for party of people, but in recent history they have completely gone off from the ideology of their founding father, from a party of people to a party of terrorist, fascist tyrannical dictator. It is said by many people that modern Awamileague party by all its action and characteristics has become like Italian Mafia gang run by one family. They have similar structure and operational method as the Mafia. If any of their opponents become too dangerous for them, they would abduct them, kill them, or send to them some of their loyal armed police, who will bunch them in to a car and take them to their torture chamber in their police station and handicap them for life. Even within their rank and file, many Awamileague leaders are afraid to speak against Mujibs family for fear of reprisal. The difference between Italian Mafia and Awamileague is that, the Mafia has a private army outside state control, and to some extend it is always hiding from the state law enforcers, and are afraid of them, but the Awamileague government in Bangladesh has a state private army within a state, which is immune from prosecution, and it uses its authority to terrorise its population and political opponent with impunity. This army of terrorist is directly control by Sheikh Hasina and her family.

One may be wondering how a country’s Prime Minister could be unaccountable to the public, and how was it that she was elected to power with public support. As I said in my title, Awamileague fooled the people by disguising themselves with the label of secularism, and myriads of fancy words such as party of freedom, party of liberation, and a party against war crimes. But even this would not have been enough to give them brute majority in the parliament, so under false promises, they made alliances with Gen Hussain Muhammad Ershad’s Jatiyo Party, promising him the office of the president, and many parliamentary seats, they made alliances with other leftist and rightist party’s promising them good governance and rule of law, but even this too was not enough, so they promised India, and the USA of unconditional cooperation in commerce and regional security, if they could convince General Moyeen U Ahmed, who was the caretaker government de-facto head to rig the election for them, so a two third majority could be given to them. India gladly helped them with money and men as was reported many times by the world famous magazine ‘The Economist’. What is surprising is that apart from India getting all that Sheikh Hasina had promised them, none of the other got much out of her other than a few bits and pieces. USA began to lose confidence in her once she started to show her real face in consolidating absolute power and beginning to demonise Nobel Laureate DR Yunus with the intention of stripping him from Grameen Bank directorship and capturing the 1 billion dollar Bank for the poor, which he had founded under the principle of micro credit. Dr Yunus is now penniless and his bank is robbed from him, and placed under her government control, so slowly the money could be stolen to finance Sheikh Hasina’s family empire.

Once they came to power, Sheikh Hasina made sure only Mafia Style members of parliament was chosen as her ministers, or those who had been extremely loyal, almost submitting to her like slaves. Then she arranged the massacre of Army officers in Pilkhana, who she thought would be potential danger to her authority, with the help of Indian RAW. Then she systematically appointed her loyal civil servant, judges, police, and some top Army officers in state institution. Once this was complete, she began amending the constitution to fit her terrorist and fascist mentality. She removed the provision of caretaker government from the constitution so that she will stay in power for life. According to constitution expert, Bangladesh constitution has become a written party manifesto rather than the country’s guiding principle representing people’s aspiration.

Once all her power was consolidated, she began to suppress her opposition, especially Bangladesh Jamati Islam, and Bangladesh BNP of Begum Zia, Both party members were abducted, killed, jailed, and tortured unlike anything that we witnessed in the past forty years of Bangladesh history. Democracy only existed in name and secularism was only a mask to fool the west, Awamileague began acting like a terrorist gang killing Muslims and none Muslims alike, their killing spree peaked when they killed unarmed sleeping Hifazot man in Dhaka Shapla Chottor on the night of 5th of May. This killing has been documented by International Human Rights organization, and Bangladeshi Human Rights Organization ‘ODHIKAR’.  Adilur Rahman, the director of Odhikar was arrested soon after publishing that report against the government. Their website can be visited at

Today Bangladesh Awamileague is continuing to terrorise its population, disrespecting and rejecting the opposition demand for Sheikh Hasina to step down and to restore the caretaker government provision, so that a credible, free and fare election could be held. Bangladesh constitution is longer a document of law, but it has become a family note book for Sheikh Hasina to write and delete as she sees fit. Her son Joy has recently joined her as a second lieutenant to fool the west again by his lies about rise of Islamic fundamentalist and terrorism. He is constantly consulting with India in violation of loyalty to Bangladesh and in effect colluding with the Indian to come to power again by silencing any international opposition, destroying the political party’s of Bangladesh that opposes Awamileague hegemony and terrorism. Awamileague has also formed a media group that acts as a cover for their wrong. These electronic and print media group are known to the opposition as information terrorist group. Their only job is to distort the fact, and carry out propaganda for the Awami government. The world must wake up to a new Hitler that terrorises its population under the pretence of secularism. Bangladesh Awamileague should be listed as a terrorist party by the UN unless it desists in terrorising and killing its political opponent.

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