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Democratic India acts undemocratically to bring tyrannical Awamileague government in to power again.

Written By: Mozafor
02/11/2013 19:10
Burning Issue

Let’s face it; Awamileague is not going to listen to any logic, or any gentleman like approach to accept the opposition demand for a caretaker government. They have a powerful friend India, who has made it clear that they would want nothing less than an Awami victory and they are nakedly backing Hasina’s government with money and intelligence. The Indians have made it clear to Dan Mozina that they do not interfere with other country, nor they would like other country to interfere with them, but in reality, they are interfering in Afghanistan to keep Pakistan influence to a limit, they had interfered in Sirilanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives and they had always interfered in Bangladesh since the birth of our nation. So it is like hooligans coming to your house and saying, “We know this is your home, but we are going to take over it, and you can’t do anything about it.” This is the situation in Bangladesh now. The opposition can’t reason with them, the only way to bring a change is to fight them by all means, and that is realistically possible if element in the army, police, and civil administration goes beyond their ethos, and sides with the people. Blood shed could be avoided if the army and the police say no to the government that they would not follow orders to suppress legitimate rights of the people. There are many patriotic and good people within Awamileague who are clearly seeing how slavish Sheikh Hasina has become to Indian dictates, blinded by the greed for power, that as an independent country, no person could accept such undignified behaviour.

The opposition has a duty to safeguard our national interest from both internal and external bullying. Both Awamileague and India has been displaying undemocratic and bullish characteristic with the people of Bangladesh. India has taken advantage of Sheikh Hasina’s political immaturity and has made many agreements that go counter to Bangladesh national interest. It is in effect turning Bangladesh in to an Indian satellite state. Indian hegemony must be stop, both by Bangladeshi people and international community otherwise, if illegal suppression and political bullying continues; Bangladesh may turn in to another Afghanistan.

A recent report in a Calcutta press has stated citing government sources that India has approved 1000 cror Indian Rupes to further its illegal objective in Bangladesh. This is a clear violation of international norms; this money in effect will be used to suppress the opposition, pay money for intellectuals, businessmen, and media for their propaganda. At a time when government is widely violating human rights, suppressing opposition rights to protest, it is no surprise that Indian money is used to obtain some Awami supported media to put down any intellectual criticism of the government by prominent writers and artists. Farhad Mazhar is one of the victims of Awami Media terrorism and bullying.

In the face of undemocratic suppression from the Awamileague government, Bangladeshi opposition has to take responsibility and give proper leadership uniting the people behind it, coordinating with other political parties, including General Ershads Jatio Party, taking support of intellectuals and civil societies to compel Sheikh Hasina’s government to accept a non partisan caretaker government. That will be the only way out from this crisis. If agitation don’t work then the army and law enforcement agencies has to take responsibility to safeguard peoples democratic rights by compelling the Awami government to accepting a free and fair election, and that can not happen under a partisan government which has politicised every civil and judicial institutions that are vital for a free, fair and credible election. International community also has a duty to safeguard democracy in Bangladesh. European Union and the USA are two major economic partners in Bangladesh, as a valued partner, they have a duty to side with the people of Bangladesh and not with India or suppressive government of Sheikh Hasina. People of Bangladesh don’t want a civil war, but if our people are suppressed as is being done by Awami government, then a civil war may ensue, which will be a disaster for our international partners and the region as a whole.

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