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Egypt secular courts Bans Muslim Brotherhood

Written By: Mozafor
23/09/2013 23:15

This is a black day in Egypt, for Muslim Brotherhood political history. It seems the party is stuck in a vicious circle of conspiracy and hatred by the secularist and leftist die hard, who used the secular courts to ban the party and seize its assets. General Sisis’s grab of power had not been enough to leave them alone, it is a familiar predicament for the Brotherhood, which has been banned for most of its 85-year history and has successfully fought off every threat to its existence.

The group's London-based spokesman, Abdullah al-Haddad, tweeted: "The Muslim Brotherhood are part and parcel of Egyptian society. Corrupt illegitimate judicial decisions cannot change that … [The Muslim Brotherhood] will continue to be present on the ground: they cannot kill an idea, they tried before and failed – they are trying again and they will fail."

Brotherhood members who remain at liberty say that the arbitrary arrests and state-led killings of their colleagues remain a far more serious threat to the organisation's operational capacity than anything else. Most of the leadership are in hiding and many of its senior leaders are in jail. This has opened leadership positions for the youths to take responsibility for the group. The youths are more revolutionary, and they will continue to strive and struggle to survive this crisis, and may come up with new ideas to confront this evil Pharaoh Sisi.

It is natural, where ever there is Pharaoh, there will be Musa. Tyranny and oppression has a limited life, soon people will rise up again to drown Sisi and his followers in a new wave of protests. But this might take time, and time is a witness to all past dictators who had their moments of glory, but perished away violently without mercy.

The real irony is the attitude of the west. On one hand they propagate democracy by the ballot box, but when it does not suit them they support rule by bullets. General Sisi had all the support it needed from USA and the Israeli Saudi axis before it staged the coup. And with their money and support Sisi will continue to bury any hope the young youths of Egyptian revolutionary had when it started the movement from Tahrir Square. America is a two faced democratic evil for the world. It is supporting dictators in many of the Arab country, as well as providing tacit support in places like Bangladesh. A stable, free and fair world can not happen by pick and choose. The standard of principle should be applied the same for every country. Otherwise, marginalized, disfranchised angry people will give rise to more terrorism and war.

The Egyptian people need to rise up from their sleep and consider whether dictatorship of Sisi is better than a democratically elected president. They need to look from a different dimension to challenge western domination, and secularist folly to return back to the glory of past Islamic history. The Banning of Egypt Brotherhood underscores the need to fight on with even more determination and zeal to uproot injustices in the Muslim world.

Egypt martyr’s blood should not go in vain; people cannot not stand by and allow such impunity to go unchallenged. They must also remember that there are foreign agents who will put various impediments to their endeavour, so vigilance against all their conspiracy and finding new ideas to tackle them must be in their mind. They must remember that when the west talks of democracy and social justice; they only mean democracy and social justice that serves their interest and not the interest of the Muslims.


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