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OIC calls for restraint in Bangladesh:Does Hasina care about it?

Written By: Nazmul
07/03/2013 21:56 07/03/2013 21:56

In 04/03/2013 OIC Secretary General issued a statement as follow;

The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, has been following with concern the serious situation in Bangladesh which claimed dozens of lives and caused the destruction of public and private properties.   

In trying to bring about satisfactory solutions to the country’s political and social issues, the Secretary General invited all parties to refrain from all acts of violence which go against the interests of the country, and called for the proper respect of the rule of law by all. (Source)

Now question is will Hasina lead Bangladesh government listen to Mr. Ekmeleddin Call? We all know Bangladesh is the part of OIC country. So, what is the significance of this call? DO OIC have any power that may pressure Hasina to stop killing innocent people?

As a Bangladeshi I don't want us to be dictated by foreigner, whoever it is, and either it is America or Saudi Arabia. But the situation is so critical that our own headless leader taking Bangladesh into a fail state. It is unfortunate that Bangladeshi can't rule them.

Historically this is the first time Bangladeshis got chance to rule themselves after bloody war in 1971, before that it is interesting to know this region used to Rule by foreigner, always!

The situation we witnessing now is pathetic in nature, brutal and genocidal by definition. Is it giving us indication that we are incompetent to rule ourselves? Do we again need our foreign "Lord" to rule us?
I don't know the answer. But if the answer of my question is Yes, then a simultaneous question come to mind who is ready to take over Bangladesh if they got chance?

Bangladesh is not now look like Bangladesh before, it has changed a lot. Indian Cultural hegemony took Bangladesh over many years before. In my view more than 50% people of Bangladesh can speak Hindi fluently, rest of understand it. There are many people who don't see any cultural difference between Bangladesh and India. So what is the point to be a bottomless basket in this world, having independent don't change people's fortune. We rather be part of a Bigger country who is rising in power from every side! I saw many people argue on that line.

So, BANGLADESH?! Are we prepared to welcome our DADA's to rule us?




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