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Has Bangladesh judiciary lost all credibility to be worthy of respect?

Written By: Mozafor
19/09/2013 18:06
BD War crime trial

Home Minister Mohiuddin Khan Alomgir said today that Jamat protest against court verdict is tantamount to contempt of court. He made this comment after a coast guard ceremony where American Ambassador Dan Mozina was present. He has a history of making political comment in front of American Ambassador, and it always seems to be regarding Jamat Shibir. Perhaps he is trying to impress their foreign backers, so that they tap his back or send him commendation for being unflinching in suppressing any opposition dissenters to their rule.

As for Dan Mozina, he probably cares very little who rules Bangladesh, as long as their interests are protected. USA is waiting for the TICFA frame work agreement to be signed by Bangladesh soon. The pros and cons of this agreement have been discussed at length in a separate article back few months ago. In any case, does the Home Ministers comment carry any weight as regards to Bangladesh judiciary as it is today? Almost every man with understanding of present government policy would agree that Bangladesh judiciary by name is independent, other wise, in reality; it is an Awami judiciary completely subservient to government dictates. We have seen how Justice Samsuddin Chowdhury Manik, one of the judges in Kader Mollah’s verdict was promoted to the appellate division, in spite of the former speaker accusing him for contempt of parliament, and other inappropriate ruling, so that the government would have a majority, especially for war crimes appeal tribunal.

Bangladesh is absence of an impartial functioning judiciary that citizen of Bangladesh can respect. One twitter fan gave a new acronym for ‘Bangladesh War Crime Tribunal’ (ICT). He named it ‘Indian Conspiracy Tribunal’, and there is some truth in this. India has been the main advisers to this government since Sheikh Hasina’s bid to come to power began five years ago. The economist reported back a few years ago that Awamileague came to power with bag full of Indian money and with the help of Indian intelligence service. One man who coordinated military  aspect of all this with former Army led government of Gen Moin U Ahmed, was Sheikh Hasina’s Defence Adviser Maj Gen (rtd) Ahmed Siddique. His name Siddique alludes to the attributes of truthfulness, but in reality, he is far from being a truthful man; he has much business interest with Sheikh Rehena, the Prime Ministers sister. Today, he and the Prime minister were addressing the PM’s Darbar for the Army personnel after raising the flag of 99 Composite Brigade held at Dhaka cantonment.

The Prime Minister at that Darbar promised to raise army retirement age, and other benefits. She made a scathing attack on Jamat Shibr and Hifazot, terming them as anti Islamic; those who burn the Quran and the Mosque, referring to Hifajot siege of Dhaka on 5th of May this year. In a nut shell, she had lied about everything to do with Islam, Protecting Islamic values, good governance, corruption and progress of the country. Her address was more to do with pacifying Army dissent and to give General Karim Bhuya, the chief of the Army, incentives to remain loyal with her, in case of unforeseen event taking place after 25th October, as threatened by the opposition to go on tough street agitation to realizing their demand for a non partisan election time government. It is yet to be seen how the Army Chief would react if chaos breaks out. I very much doubt the Army chief’s sincerity and neutrality to protect democracy and citizen of Bangladesh from Awami brutality, though others may differ with me. But certainly Bangladesh judiciary has lost all credibility to be worthy of respect.

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