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Bangladesh Nationalist Party has no right to do politics: Awami MP Sheikh Selim makes vile threat in the parliament today

Written By: Mozafor
15/09/2013 21:41 15/09/2013 21:39
Burning Issue

This is the language of dictators; Sheikh Selim is blinded by powers bestowed upon them by the public as a trust. No man of rationale would speak such words other than dictators. Who gave him the authority to disregard the opinion of millions who voted for BNP? His language is the language of a dynastic family, ever eager to consolidate power for life. When blind followers of Awamileague argue and excel their party, why do they not give ear to this kind of talk, is this language of democracy? That’s why people are against Awamileague, because they are like those hegemonic powers that bully their way to power. They take for granted that Bangladesh and its people and its governance are god given bequest for them, that they and only they have the sole right to rule Bangladesh.

Awamileagues top most leaders are retarded psychopath; they forcefully changed the constitution and tell us that it is holly, that it can not be changed, as if it is a god given holly book. No where in the world, among the nation that has constitution, that stipulated that constitution can not be changed. Law and instrument of government are made for people, not the other way round.

Awamileague talks so much about 72 constitutions, as if there was no imperfection, as if all people had accepted by referendum. There was no referendum; we were a new country born out of 9 months of armed struggle. No one had the experience of running an independent country. We never subscribed to secularism. Even the basic four main principle for which our valiant freedom fighters fought are absent from Awamilegue language. Awamileague speaks only the language of divisions, war and hatred. Their ruling elite run the country harbouring revenge for the killing of Sheikh Mujib. Sheikh Hasina came to politics to take revenge on the people of Bangladesh, as documented by a BBC journalist who took her interview in London. And she is continuing to torture the people of Bangladesh with her hate. Sheikh Mujib brought destruction on himself because of his mistakes, even their Minister Motia Chowdhury, who they call firebrand Motia, spoke vile words about Sheikh Mujib before his death which no opposition leaders ever dared spoke, yet she is in their cabinet. I admire General Osmani, the valiant Kader Siddique, and others that left Awamileague, because they could not take their shit policy of one party rule.

Bangladesh belongs to all. We are all free men, we will decide by fare and free election whom we make our servant for the next five years. The people of Bangladesh are masters of their destiny, and who ever wish to run our country must accept our slavery. It is only then we will have true democracy, justice and progress. Realization must come from the politician that they are employed by the people to run our affairs. They are not there to loot, plunder, or favour their families, but faithfully serve the countries population as servant.






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