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Not doing enough is not an option. Removing the psychopath Sheikh Hasina and her team of blood suckers from power is a must.

Written By: Mozafor
13/09/2013 17:55

When travelling from a P2P session, I met a travel consultant on my way home on a bus journey. When I looked at him, I had a pretty good idea that I knew him from somewhere around my locality. I was thinking to begin a conversation with him when he abruptly enquired of my travelling destination. I gladly told him that we were travelling to the same place. Our brief journey lasted only for 15 minutes, but what transpired from our conversation was very pragmatically true. Our conversation revolved around Bangladesh current political crisis. Something that caught my thought was his concern about the danger of not doing enough to remove the ‘psychopath’ leader Sheikh Hasina, and her team of blood suckers from running the country. He was adamant that her government was destroying the country economically, socially and politically.

When I asked him, what can be done to alleviate the suffering of the people, as the opposition has lost meaningful momentum for agitation on the street? He paused for a little, and did not answer my question directly to the point, but explained some points that even I had been thinking for awhile. He said, “Brother, Begum Zia is not like Hasina, when Hasina talks, she forgets everything about decency, and has no problem in using foul languages against her opponent, but in spite of this barrage of indecent languages both inside and outside parliament, Begum Zia showed her nobility.”  “This woman, Sheik Hasina, made so much fuss about her ear problem at the time of last army led government, and cleverly left the country, while her rival, Begum Zia, insisted on staying in Bangladesh, despite relentless pressure from the generals to have her exiled. This is called patriotism.” He continued on to say, “But the difference between people who run BNP and the people who run Awamileague is that the former by nature are gentlemen like, and are not natural killers, but the later would not give a damn to the country, or people, and would kill to retain power.”  His word brought instant memory of Shapla Chottor massacre and killing of Jamat Shibir on 28th of February in my mind.

My companion continued with his analysis giving me his sketch for a solution to the impasse. He said, “Awamileague will not give in power easily, they are prepared to kill, arrest, and massacre any people that oppose them in a democratic form of agitation. The only solution would be, to be prepared to use the same force, or at least meaningful force to defend and attack the person who comes to kill you.” I said, “Do you mean a civil war?”  He told me that this is the only way to remove a government that does not respect human life, or any civilized norm. He may be right in this; the current crisis can not be resolved through dialogue. Awamileague has already made its decision to go for election without a caretaker government. It has placed the entire instrument to engineer the election in its favour; they even have sketched a well thought design to bring in third force in case a civil war breaks. In his opinion, a concerted effort is needed by business men, civic society, intellectual, and politician to bring back democracy, civil rights, freedom and justice. Every people and political activist of the opposition is thinking in this line of resistance. A blog I read yesterday posted in ‘’ cached my eye. The bloger wrote, “It reminds us also of the need to create a new form of protest that elude the censor and which are less predictable than huge protests” What the bloger was alluding to has commonality to my companion on the bus. A conventional protest without ability to defend is suicidal. So let the opposition prepare before going in to action. Lives will be lost, but freedom and dignity is more important than slavery.



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