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Riots in India, Hindu mobs target and kills Muslims, 30 dead

Written By: Mozafor
09/09/2013 22:43 09/09/2013 22:39

Indian Minority Muslims are being targeted again by Hindu mobs in Uttar Pradesh. Sectarian violence is not new in India, in 1992 Hindu mob in Ayodhya sparked India’s worst communal clashes when they razed a 16th century Mosque. Unlike neibouring Bangladeshi minority Hindu population, who enjoys equal rights and privelleges, and are to be seen everywhere in top government and civil administration, Indian Muslim minority in comparision enjoys less privillages and are treated as second class citizens. What bolywood dipicts does not reflect overal picture of India’s Muslim. In fact, people who have lived there tell us a different story of religious, social, and cultural discrimination at every level.

Before run up to a general election, Indian politician uses sectarian card to win over Hindu Votes. Most often Hindu religious party stir up religious hatred and fuels violence as they did almost 11 years ago in Gujrat. Hindu religious mob supported planned and coordinated by leaders of Bharatia Jonota Party launched a ferocious attack against the Muslim population in 2002. They looted and torched Muslim owned businesses, assaulted and murdered Muslims, and gang-raped and mutilated Muslim women. By the time the violence came to a halt, about 2500 muslims had been killed and more than 200,000 made to flee their homes. Much of the violence happened in full knowledge of the police, the administration provided electoral list of Muslim businesses and homes and had instructed the police not to interfere. Human rights singalled out Chief Minister of Gujrat as the main culprit. Yet 11 years on, he remains the incumbent minister in charge.

Our foreign Minister Dipu Moni had courted this man trying to enlist Modi's support for the Land Boundary Agreement that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government had signed with Bangladesh, but Alas, the instigator of Gujrat murder rebuffed Bangladesh foreign Minister, and possibly laughed and giggled at her back in mockery. Today in Bangladesh, while Hindu Minority enjoys full protection and privelleges, of our government and people, India’s Muslims are targeted and killed with impunity. Awamileague government is incompetent in dealing with human rights abuses in India, because they themselves are a party to human rights violation in Bangladesh.


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