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Can America stand to justify a war on Syria on moral grounds while they have committed so much crime with conventional, and unconventional weapon

Written By: Mozafor
05/09/2013 20:33

What is the diffrence between Assad and America, just ask those people living on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, they will tell you those mean machine over their sky raining on them death, and turning a quiet peacful land in to a living hell. So it’s rather interesting to see Western powers get all high mindedness about the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Western nations have a history of not just inventing and manufacturing these deadly chemicals; they have helped with their supply and production when offered the right opportunity and price. In fact, Israeli peace activist, Gilad Atzmon, quoting the Daily Record claims that British firms, defying EU sanctions, sold chemical components needed for production of nerve gas to the Syrians, AFTER the beginning of the popular uprising.

Not only did Western nations aid Iraq’s Saddam Hussein in setting up those infamous plants to produce chemical death, the CIA actually helped the tyrant gas thousands of Iranian troops during the eight-year long catastrophic war that claimed nearly a million lives.

The Americans also looked the other way when Saddam gassed thousands of Kurds in 1988. Under Reagan, Rumsfeld, who later brought ‘shock and awe’ to Iraq as George Bush’s defense secretary, even visited and advised Baghdad during the conflict with Iran. And who could forget what Israel unleashed on the Palestinians in full view of the world in the last blitz on Gaza, using white phosphorus and cluster bombs? The world didn’t see any red lines there.

Besides, Western nations are in no position to lecture Assad or anyone else for that matter on the use of chemical weapons or other deadly equivalents. Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki? More recently in Vietnam, Agent Orange, a deadly defoliant, was used to kill thousands. Certainly the west is as guilty as any dictator.

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