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With the order to release Husni Mubarak,and brutal killings of Muslim Brotherhood, is Egypt heading towards another protracted Mubarak Era

Written By: Mozafor
23/08/2013 17:16 23/08/2013 17:12
Contemporary Debate

All the indications are, Arab spring has had its premature death, and a revival is not immediate round the corner, although the fervour for change remains, but the ruling elite are too powerful and barbaric to subdue then in the normal process. Already the brotherhood has been labelled as terrorist, as if they are fighting a war on terror, mimicking the Americans to redefine opposition to the coup, especially against the brotherhood labelling them as security threat for the stability of Egypt. General Sisi’s appointed foreign minister is even lecturing other state reminding their experiences with a democratically elected politician who then behaved in an undemocratic manner, thus asserting that the removal of Morsi is in reality a pre-emptive action undertaken to protect democracy itself. See how they are turning the table to justify their action at the same time giving the west a way out justifying their stand for the coup.

We have another group of so called Muslim state; pouring billions of dollars in support of the illegitimate Egyptian regime, and their reason are obvious that they are too afraid of truly democratic forces talking over state governance around them, while they are totalitarian or monarchs having absolute control over their subjects. What is interesting is the way the coup leaders removed an elected president and transformed into a "war on terror" with an effective Islamophobic campaign deployed to bring it about. They have also successfully used religious card between Christian minority and Muslim brotherhood, a tactic Mubarak had often used to divide any political unity. I must here stress that Morsi did not use foresight or patience, and had often made reactionary decision which further divided the political unity. Now that Muslim brotherhood has been weakened by massive onslaught of extreme cruelty on their supporters, it is hard to see under present circumstances any credible chance of bringing back Morsi as president again. Muslim brotherhood has to go back to the drawing board, making long term plan for their come back, but this time subsisting as ruler rather than losing it again. Muslim brotherhood should concentrate on increasing their support in the army by Dawa work, back door recruitment and indoctrination, police and the civil administration should also be on their priority list. Once a sizable support can be obtained from these important branches of power, subsisting in power will be easy in a world full of enemies. This is true for any Islamic movement in any country, unless totally isolated from outside world and you have no enemy’s. Egypt’s future depends on the inherent forces of democracy to out wit the generals forcing them to relinquish power to normal democratic process, otherwise a Mubarak type era will be imposed on the people of Egypt by the Generals which then will be hard to break.

The Hypocrite Americans were behind the coup in Egypt says the Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, and recently Turkish premier blamed the Israelis for instigating the coup long before Morsi coming to power.Humanity literally is threatened as long as America and Israel has its way. Washington’s and Tel Aviv foreign policy is fuelling the political crisis in Egypt.

The Obama administrations announced policy of neutrality in Egypt’s crisis. This shows what the US agenda really is. They simply don’t care. They want unchallenged control of the region, the oil rich region. Washington doesn’t really care about how many Egyptians die, America literally plotted with Egypt’s military, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, to oust Morsi. America’s dirty hand is playing with Bangladesh politics also; our enemy number one is the visible force with an invisible presence. The ordinary public are not aware of this reality. If we want to save humanity, we must confront the hegemony, and behind the scene conspiracy of the Americans, and the Israelis. 

Israel is playing games with Muslims, and we Muslims don’t understand it.They are setting one on to another, while reaping the benefit of divisions. What is happening in Syria is repugnant, and condemnable, and I wish such violence did not take place, but often many of the crimes are being committed by the help and active participation of Israeli secret service or are carried out by their affiliates to invoke action by the west or create more hatred between parties. This is exactly what happened on the recent gassing of the children in Syria. It is not believable that Syrian forces would use such weapon while the UN inspectors are there to investigate such matters. You tell me which fool would do that? Even though the opposition would want to see Libya style bombing of Syria, but Syria is not like Libya. It is religiously divided country between the Shia and Sunni, much like Iraq. After so many years of occupation in Iraq and then freedom, people are still dying, because of the sectarian violence and division. And who is benefiting from all that? It is the American and the Zionist. Once Syria is ruined, the Zionist will probably find another target to keep the fight alive between Muslims against Muslims. There were number of times opportunity for the warring parties to come to a compromise, but the big stake holders would not allow that, because this would mean peace and stability, and no opportunity for Israel to feed on the weakness of the Muslim Ummah. Think about it brothers, think from a different perspective, think deep, and you will find the hidden truth behind the obvious. We Muslims need to identify the western Chutias, leave them to their affairs; instead of inviting them to poke their nose in every aspect of our affairs. We should rather be our boss and solve our problem mutually between us. Why invite America to feast on our dinning table, as they did in Iraq. They siphoned resources, and are still siphoning the country as they wish. The idiots Saudi Monarchs, instead of spending their wealth on palaces and weapons they can’t use, could have used the money on science and research to indigenously build their own weapons and machinery instead of depending on American to provide for them. Even in Bangladesh, our phoga Prime Minister Hasina, and her colleagues are indifferent to understanding the nature of India’s Chutiami in our country; they take everything from us, but gives nothing in return. We ratified the border agreement long before Late Sheikh Mujibs death, and yet we are still waiting for the Indian parliament to ratify from their side, what a pathetic joke! I never thought friendship was one sided


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