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Who are the game changers in Egypt and in Bangladesh?

Written By: Mozafor
17/08/2013 12:22 16/08/2013 23:56
Burning Issue

When I look at what happened in Egypt, I see a correlation in what happened on 5th of May in Bangladesh, and the tactics used in Cairo against Muslim Brotherhood. Prior to 1/11, the chaos, and mayhem that took place on the street of Dhaka, appears to have been well planned before hand, in collusion with outside forces to bring in the army led government of Moin U Ahmed. A similar situation involving the Morsi opposition was created in Egypt to bring in army led government of General Sissi, and then to follow the example of Bangladesh experiment and uproot Islamic and Nationalist forces in return for Mubarak like puppet secularist government to serve the wider interest of western and Arab Monarchs.

Brotherhood spokesman Dr. Ahmed Aref affirms the US was involved in July 3 coup and is now trying a different role in Egypt

He said:

1 – "The US played a prominent part in the July 3 traitorous military coup in Egypt. Now attempts are being made to exchange roles on the international stage.

2 - The Egyptian army should do its constitutional duty, including drills, exercises, guarding the homeland’s borders, and fighting enemies. It should not be tasked with political missions, taking care of the coup commander’s private interests, or even being sent to liberty squares and streets to fight fake wars against its own unarmed people demonized by the putschists’ media henchmen in a relentless vicious campaign.

3 - Egyptians alone will make the world respect their word. They alone shall impose their will and defeat the bloody military coup".

But unlike the Bangladesh opposition, Muslim Brotherhood did not submit to bullying and continued to challenge the army led coup, as a result the army felt threatened and begun mimicking the second experiment of Hifazot killings on Egyptian Muslim brotherhood rally’s and sit ins. But alas, to their detriment, the protest in Egypt is continuing, and is sure to continue for weeks and months until a resolution in favour of legitimacy. 

If any one is in any doubt about Saudi, and USA intentions, they should need to look at Friday’s news conference of President Obama; he did not condemn or declare the removal of a democratically elected government by the Egyptian Army as a coup. And Saudi king has tacitly given his support to the army government. The west and the UN are not going to do anything tangible to stop the violence, rather they will sit and watch Egyptian kill one another, while hoping some how Muslim Brotherhood vanishes in air and everything returns back to the old days of master servant relationship. As for Saudi Monarch, the uprooting of Muslim brotherhood means securing any possible threat against Monarchy from its own population. But the trend of Islamic revival, political Islam and the aspiration for Islamic rule is increasingly becoming popular with the public that it is hard to imagine that one day the Saudi Monarch would not be challenged by the mainstream Sunnis of Saudi Arabia. Indeed the root causes of many of our present day crisis are the Monarchs and dictators of the Middle East. The eight year long Iran, Iraq War was initiated by the Monarchs of Saudi, and the Gulf littoral state for fear of the Iranian revolution spreading to their populace; hence Saddam Hussain was encouraged and paid to initiate a War with Iran with tacit approval from the USA and the west.

I am certain that Muhammad Nasim, the former Home Minister and a few others in Awami government are the core conspirators and policy makers of Sheikh Hasina, whom are on payroll of USA and Indian Big Daddy. Every word he utters seems to have authority, as if his words are to be enforced and implemented. In Bangladesh, no one speaks with that kind of authority and assertiveness without having a surety from powerful foreign backers, or from the Prime Minister; his words are serious and have all the indication of social and political trouble ahead for people of Bangladesh. I am not sure whether people will accept bullying, and one sided repressive behaviour from Awamileague, but Mr Nasim seems to be very sure that what may come, Awamileague will stay in power, because the Big Daddy has given their nod.

I can not imagine any government would be that reckless to take on Human Rights Organization without absolute backing and support from USA. Mr Mozina wants to reap the benefit of Ticfa agreement which is due to be signed in September, but who knows, once uncle SAM secures the agreement, support may be withdrawn to facilitate for another Moin U Ahmed. Bangladesh has no short of traitors, if one goes, hundreds are ready in line to be recruited for some money, or a promise for power.

We Muslim need to rise up from our sleep and look from a different dimension to challenge western domination, and secularist folly to return back to the glory of our past Islamic history. Fridays Egypt killing at Ramases square only underscores the need to fight on with even more determination and zeal to uproot injustices in the Muslim world. Our martyr’s blood should not go in vain; we cannot not stand by and allow such impunity to go unchallenged. We must also remember that there are foreign agents pulling the string from behind, so vigilance against all their conspiracy and finding new ideas to tackle them must be in our mind. We must remember when they talk about democracy and social justice, they only mean democracy and social justice that serves their interst and not the interest of the Muslims.

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