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The old ways of doing politics should change in Bangladesh as well as in Egypt

Written By: Mozafor
15/08/2013 15:44

Yesterday when I looked at a recorded video in Trityo Matra, where Kazi Zafar of Jatyo Party, and Mr A S M Abdur Rab were discussing various issues relating to present political stalemate, I can sense from what was coming out from their mouth against Awamileague and Sheikh Hasina, was that of two very angry men, full of hatred and almost vengefully trying to convey a message of unimaginable consequence for Sheikh Hasina and her Awamileague undemocratic policy that are leading Bangladesh in to a political anarchy. The message was very clear not only for Awamileague, but for their foreign backers, India, and the USA, that any undemocratic blue print by Sheikh Hasina to hold on to power will lead to spilling chaos in India’s seven sisters, or even harm Americas interest in Bangladesh. It is only fair to say that their felling resonate throughout the overwhelming majority of the people of Bangladesh.

If dictatorship and tyranny continues, people of Bangladesh may resort to Taliban style campaign, and this may spill to India where separatist are fighting for their independence. The old ways of doing politics should change in Bangladesh as well as in Egypt, and where ever there are tyrants, dictators suppressing and oppressing their people. I think Iran is on the right path, teaching America’s hegemony and secularist a lesson that power rest in missiles, and arrows. Those pigs are doing everything to bring down the Iranian Government, but Iran is much smarter than them, and over the years have developed advance arms and technology that have put fear on their enemy, that they are dying of frustration, because they cant attack them or find enough rotten secularist in the main branches of power to initiate a coup or a mass revolt.

We are very aware of international politics, and how the neo imperialist are trying to dominate the world by their various economic and military policies, even India has developed the same mentality of Israel and America to bully its neighbours through various political and undercover schemes. They have kept instability a live in Pakistan and in Bangladesh through their various affiliates. Almost every day you here of sectarian violence and bombs exploding in Pakistan, most of them are facilitated by India’s Raw, and Americas CIA. At the time of BNP alliance, Bangladesh had its share of terrorism, and I believe most of them were initiated by RAW, or what is called ‘false flag’ to bring bad reputation for the government. It seems when Awamileague came to power, every body was caught or dismantle as if they knew where each and every terrorist and their weapon were. And why should they not know, because RAW had planted them, but the terrorist had not a clue that RAW was their pay master or providing them with weapon and intelligence. We Muslim need to be smarter in our thinking if we are to gain power, or subsist in power.

I am not at all happy with the opposition, especially BNPs policy. They seem to have lost ideas, and initiative, and all they are doing is wasting valuable time, depending on jamat and Hifazot to occupy the streets. They can’t even publicise negative aspects of Awamileague misdeeds effectively to the public.  They are displaying lack of forward thinking, and their supporters and activists are not bold enough to implement party’s program on the streets. They are living too cosy, and lazy life to reap any fruits of power. The five city cooperation win was more to do with Hifazot and Jamat than their own campaign policy. BNP needs people like Elias Ali to take the fight to Awamileague criminals, because they only understand force. And force may be the only option left for the people of Bangladesh.



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