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Return of the Pharaoh

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
27/07/2013 13:49
Muslim History

The new dictator of Egypt General Sisi has demonstrated his true colour yesterday when his orders led to violent crackdown of his opponents on the streets of Egypt and resulted in the deaths of over a hundred Egyptians, mostly the Muslim Brotherhood supporters. They were supporters of the President elect, Morsi. The security services fired live ammunitions on unarmed people when they were protesting against the military coup. Many of them were praying their early morning prayers when the dogs of Egyptian security apparatus opened fired on them. 

The secular coalition is equally responsible for the bloodbath in Egypt today. These secularists in Egypt are not true democrats as they have shown that they prefer a military coup to elected government. They know in a country like Egypt they would never win an election through ballot box. They are a bunch of opportunists who have benefited from Mubarak’s era financially and now pretending to be liberals and democrats. They are secular fundamentalists who have time and again resorted to violence and thuggery. They should never be trusted! 

The evidence and facts that are now emerging clearly indicate that the overthrow of Morsi was planned very soon after he was elected. The plan was, after the first elected Parliament was dissolved, the military backed Shafik would get elected. They did not plan for Morsi to win the Presidential election. Even though Morsi’s election results were known very soon after the election but the old guards who were still in charge of the civil service in Egypt took a week to announce his victory. There was a change in the way votes were counted in this election. The results were counted at the local polling districts and were made public before it came to the central election commission’s possessions. They did not get their dirty hands to stuff ballot boxes with votes for Shafik! 

The oligarchs, the industrialists, the Mubarak’s henchmen, secular opportunists, security chiefs and the media moguls came together to remove Morsi from the office. They were no longer able to squander the foreign aid coming into Egypt, they were no longer able to buy state assets for nothing, they could not evade taxes any longer and most importantly the military were given clear instructions to stay in their barracks. Morsi was not prepared to prostitute himself or sell Egypt to the vultures and the thugs from Mubarak era. This was Morsi’s primary crime! 

What followed was a systematic vilification of an elected President by the media, which is owned by a handful of people, 95% of them belong to the Mubarak’s close circle of friends. Any opposition media has been taken off air and even Al-Jazeera has been given its marching orders. The secularist media has hyped up the smallest problem and created hysteria amongst the Egyptian masses. It constantly attacked Islam, the Muslim brotherhood and the President. The media was able to create a false consensus in Egypt, which led to millions of people protesting against Morsi. Most of these people are now refusing to come and support General Sisi and his security dogs. 

Let us also not forget filling up Tahrir square is not that difficult. Those of us who have been there could tell you that it would take approximately 300,000 (maximum capacity) people to give the impression of millions in Tahrir square. The military, the police, the secret services (Mukhabarat) and their friends and families counts for more than 3 million people in Egypt. In a country that had the security services running a parallel economy and infinitely benefitting from the states coffers have every reason to galvanise their rank and file officers to be at Tahrir Square in civilian’s clothes. We have hundreds of eyewitness accounts of thousands of plain clothed security personnel present in such demonstrations. 

What is happening is Egypt is a total disgrace and it is even more of a disgrace that the UK and US government have both behaved like an Ostrich, waiting for the storm to be over. It is a shame that the Western powers never learn that they should never trust the hyenas and vultures in the Muslim world. They are traitors to their own people, they are crooks and criminals in their own country and they run mafia syndicates to steal and loot the money of the masses. They are not just confined to Egypt; you would find them from Indonesia to Mali. 

It is no surprise that the Saudi dictators have bank rolled General Sisi’s military coup. They need to secure their position and a successful democracy in Egypt would directly threaten their existence. Saudi Arabia has become known for a haven for former dictators and despots, most of them find a home and security in that land. This is a country that has Islam’s two holiest sites and the birthplace of the greatest man to have ever walked the earth – the blessed prophet Muhammad. It was here the true Arab revolution began 1400 years ago that ended tyranny and injustice within the Bedouin Arabs. The message was so powerful it changed the course of history for the entire world. Unfortunately the co called the custodians of the two holy sites have always been in unholy alliances! It is a shame and disgrace! 

Unfortunately the colonial masters reinstated the tyrannical rulers over the Muslim lands when they were leaving these countries after having totally plundered and looted them to the barebones. It is only now that some of these oppressed people are truly breaking the imperialist shackles. The struggle is not over yet, for the world needs to see the end of every dictator and despots and destroy all the imperialist protagonists. 

The Egyptians have suffered untold misery under the hands of Gamal Abdul Nasir, they have lived through sixty years of fear and state repression. General Sisi can bring out his cronies in Tahrir Square in millions and he may be able to please his masters in the White House, but the Egyptian people will fight for their freedom, they will sacrifice for their freedom and they will become free today or tomorrow. 

I do not come from Egypt, but in the true struggle for freedom and democracy I lend my full support to the Egyptian people. In this blessed month of Ramadan my prayer is simple – 

O God, please destroy tyranny and dictatorship 
Free the people of the world. 

O God, please restore peace and stability 
Empower the people of the world.

O God, please end unfairness and injustice 
Emancipate the people of the world.

O God, please turn our hearts to the path of peace
Strengthen the people of the world. 

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