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“First a look, then a smile, then a node, then the warmth of the bed.”

Written By: Mozafor
13/07/2013 17:50

Why there is so much fuss about Mufti Shafis lecture on Hijab? I have seen the whole video and found nothing controversial or degrading about women; rather it’s a complement for women that they are precious and a blessing given by Allah to protect them, and to live with them in comfort adhering to the principle of Islam. The video was uploaded on You Tube on 13 June 2011. To do justice on his speech, the whole video needs to be viewed and not quote out of context. The theme of his speech was mainly to do with Quranic and Shariah injunction relating to porda or veiling of Women. Those people and scholars who are giving statement about Mufti Shafi in the media are mainly Awami heretics, who has not seen the whole video and are either intentionally on a mission to smear him, or they are ignorant of the context in which he compared women with tamarind.

The Quran clearly commanded us to lower our gaze. Mufti Shafi has quoted Quranic verse which underscores the need to dress our women modestly, and they are not allowed to go out without adhering to Islamic dress code. He pointed out some of the human desires and nature of our human weakness. And it is true that we are attracted to the opposite sex; especially if the women are wearing revealing cloth and displaying their beauty, and are freely mixing with the opposite sex. This characteristic is universal to every human being, whether a saint or a sinner. A famous Persian poet beautifully expressed this truth in a poem like this: “First a look, then a smile, then a node, then the warmth of the bed.”  So our desire for opposite sex is universal and natural. Allah (SWT) knows our weakness, so he told us to lower our gaze and dress our women modestly so that we could avoid being tempted or fall in to the trap of Shaitan.

Mufti Shafi gave example so people can better understand that our heart is liken to seeing tamarind, as slaiva comes in to our mouth, so does our heart releases the saliva of desire seeing a women displaying her beauty. As for women going to garments factory, this also needs to be viewed in context. In principle, he was not against women working, but was highlighting the danger of their women falling in to trap of Zina, if proper precaution was not taken, and the fact in spite of many house hold working, yet there is no blessing in their money, could that be because of their women going out without porda or participating in secret sin?  I am sure any person having Islamic knowledge who had seen the whole video would find nothing controversial about this video. The secularist supported media are on a smear campaign to denigrate Mufti Shafi to stop his party’s popularity and rescue Awamileague free fall of public support in the country.

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