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Egypt massacre and the need to reflect on the impediment of Muslims lack of advancement

Written By: Mozafor
08/07/2013 16:36

Our brothers in Egypt are being massacred with the same tactics as was applied in Bangladesh on Hifazot. This reminds me of Zionist and American strategy to use the secularist and the army to silence any form of Islamic movement taking momentum in the modern world. We Muslim are apathetic to the root cause of our problem of political and social instability. Our main enemy are those outside conspirators who take every opportunity to divide our people so that they could benefit from the instability. Civil war in Egypt can not be good for any party in Egypt. If we have any sense of belonging to a Muslim identity, then we must fight those enemy’s who always had been a dividing factor in all Muslim country. It is time we Muslim take imitative to unite under one common goal, that is to say no to outside interference, have an independent foreign and economic policy, resolve our differences, and work together for a strong ,prosperous and god fearing Ummah.

While I was writing this piece, a brother of mine has rightly pointed out that not only we should be aware of our foreign enemy’s plot, but we have a serious lack of understanding of Quran.  We have made the Quran a trophy to put on display in our house, somewhere on the shelf, but never bother to read it or if we did read, we never try to understand its message. Islamic Ummah was a flourishing community at the time of Shabas, and at the earlier generations of Khilafah. Our ancestors of earlier generation understood the message of the Quran; hence they made advances in technology, science and education. They were practicing Muslim and knew that science and religion complemented each other, as Allah made subservient for us, all that is in heaven and the earth. We, as Muslims need to advance in technology, especially the technology of missiles and military equipment without having to be dependent on foreign country for our security needs. Egypt’s Army is dependent on America for military aid, and that is why they are able to dictate and have influence on who governs the country.

We have the same problem in many of the Muslim country’s who are bullied by hegemonic powers of the world. Bangladesh is no different from that, and some are beginning to realize this fact, even though they are secularist. Some even are ready to accept an Islamic government rather than having an autocratic or Army led government which they fear serves the interest of foreign agents, because a government without public representation is weak. But Egypt’s civil, judicial and military institutions are too engrossed in secular ideology that it may be difficult for Muslim brotherhood to subdue them without much sacrifice and shedding of blood. Not all in Tahrir square knows the dynamic of international politics; they are spoon fed by secular and western media to stir up hatred for Muslim brotherhood, so that Zionist could benefit from a weak and subservient Egypt. What ever is said about Iran, one thing is sure about their revolution, they have managed to Islamize their security and civil institutions protecting their revolution from outside threat. They have also made enormous advances in military hardware and equipment which has so far protected them from military bullying by the west.

It is utter shame on the Egyptian army who always had said that they are a force for stability. Those ethoses have been shamefully shattered by the army’s massacre of the praying innocent people of Muslim brotherhood. We have seen video pictures of Army marks man shooting from the rooftops at the protesters. No matter how many press conferences they make, they can not hide their crime. People from all background should swell the streets of Cairo from all direction and demand Morsis’ reinstatement as president, and only then a national reconciliation dialogue should begin. The army must go back to barracks, and leave the politics to the politician. Egypt must not be allowed to slide in to darkness. We can not afford another Syria in the Muslim world


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