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Why is Awamileague in a loosing spree?

Written By: Mozafor
07/07/2013 15:13

Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah, All praise is for Allah who has proven the fallacy of Awamileague policy. Once again, it is beyond any doubt, after the five city council election, the people of Bangladesh have turned their face away from Awamileague. Where is the Nastik Jafar Iqbal now, who had said in Shabag so proudly that his sons of Shabagis pushed back the spirit of Islam 20 years back with their anti Islam campaign? If he has any intelligence, he would have known by now that it was purely because of Shabagis, Awamileague has now gone 50 years behind.

For the next fifty years, people will remember very vividly Shabag and Shapla Chottor, and 28 February. Thanks to our religious business. Yes brother, don’t be surprise when I say religious business, for we who are whole heartedly supporter and activists of Islamic movement have made a business contract with Allah to support his deen, to strive and struggle in his way in return for Jannah; and our brothers business contract in giving their wealth and life in support of his deen has given us the fruits of success. Now BNP should demand an immediate Dhaka city election, but I doubt whether Awamileague will want to take that risk seeing their inevitable defeat.

Gaji pur was not only a lose for Awamileague, but a personal lose for Tufail Ahmed. He so much flouted the idea of defeat and promised to win the seat by any means. Sheikh Hasina thankfully became impressed by his words and confidence that she gave him the overall responsibility to oversee all strategies and achieve a win for her. Thanks to Tufail that Hasina was not left to take responsibility for Gaji Pur win, otherwise a disaster would have taken place, as she is known for her killing ability, for nothing escapes her clout. By hook or crook she would have taken it from the opposition. I must here also give some credit to her niece, Tulip, for inviting her away from Bangladesh for her weeding. If she had stayed in Bangladesh, the results could have been a lot different; not that public would have voted on her appeal, but rather she would have rigged the election.

Awamileague smart guy Mr Gulam Maula Roni is saddened by this huge lose in Gaji Pur, and he is right to be saddened, as this was not a respectable lose, but rather undignified defeat because of the massive difference of winning vote. He is blaming on Awamileague Chamcha, and Mr Rubbish, but not once the smart guys like him think of Shabag, Shapla Chottor, or the multiple of injustices that could have contributed to public discontent on his party. He speaks eloquently, but has chosen the wrong party for his political career. My advice to him is to join with his business partner Andolib Partho, if not joining the Islamic movement.

I believe Sheik Hasinas’ misery will continue as long as she is in power. Her party could do without her, as she is not a kind of woman who thinks first before taking action, but on the contrary she is one that takes action and thinks later. Her family members are another factor that Awamileague is lamed by. Too often private decision by her family members becomes government decisions. After defeat in city elections and her failures in Shabag and elsewhere, it seems misfortune has become her companion one after another; there’s little room left for her other than to prepare for her obituary in the next election


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