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There can be no comparison between local and parliamentary election as regards to its importance and significance in running the country

Written By: Mozafor
06/07/2013 16:44
Burning Issue

What ever the result in Gaji Pur, 18 party alliances can always point out the illogicality and fallacy of Awamileague argument that parliamentary election under their administration will be free and fair without government influence. For start, there can be no comparison between local and parliamentary election as regards to its importance and significance in running the country. In Bangladesh, the party in power has leverage over any other administration whether it is by law or by coercion. We have seen how opposition Union Parishad chairmans are dependent on constituency MP for releasing money and other government funded assistance for the Union. Even the Upozila charman are subservient to local MPs. Therefore, who ever control the parliament, in reality, controls the country from top to bottom.

Awamileague can foresee opposition demand for caretaker government and what action they will be taking to press home their demand. Therefore, they would want to build confidence and trust on the mind of the opposition and the public so that they can allure the opposition in to agreeing an election under their administration. Even if they can not get them bite their bate, they can always put counter argument of their neutrality alluding to city mayoral elections results to national and international public audience. They would be in a better position to justify election without BNP or if they decide to totally abandon election, they can ask the president to take the advice of the highest court and authorise Awamileague to form the next government, because the country can not be without government.

BNP needs to understand their enemy’s plot, and return any illogical points with as many relevant logical facts as possible, to completely quash their point. If Awamileague fails to agree to a non-partisan caretaker government, under no circumstances should it agree to contest the election, but rather should be ready to foil any go it alone election or other scenario that I have mention above. There is a third scenario, where the army may come in with an excuse to safeguard national security; in that case, this could be also a pre plan trap that Awmileague has designed with pro Awamileague army leadership. And we know the circumstances under which Philkhana massacre took place, and that is, deprive BNP and Jamat of any sympathisers in the Army. So, the army having secularist’s followers with no nationalistic or Islamic opponent, it will take power, and after two years of political and social brainwashing, will conduct another election similar to the one General Moin U Ahmed did, and put Awamileague back in to power again.

18 party alliances should think constantly of possible Awamileague tactics and how to counter them during the next few months. By not preaparing in advance could jeopardise enormouse sacrifices that people have made during the last four and half years.Thousands of people have died at the hand of this tyrant regieme, many people are needlesly in jail subjected to painful tortutre whether mentally or physically. If anything, these people deserves their freedom and justice from Awamileague tyranny. By not thinking something through entirely before the opposition  say or do anything could jeopardize freedom of those people. The 18 party alliances must not do anything in the absence of thought. The opposition is up against not only insane Awamileague but has to consider other outside forces and minds that are constantly advicing them and conspiring against them to put their favourite party in to power again.

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