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Gonojagoron Monch has become a symbol for Atheism and Anti Islamic hatred; anything associated with this name should be banned

Written By: Mozafor
02/07/2013 20:58
Burning Issue

They call Hifazot and Jamat terrorist, backdated forces that are impediment to progress. These were the rhetoric of Gonjagoron Monch in reaction to the death of one of their Shabag activists. Shabagis should reflect on their concept of progress. Their notion of progress is everything worldly devoid of spirituality or religion, yet it was those religious fanatics, as they call them, gave them modern luxury that they are enjoying now. It was backdated Muslim that taught them Algebra and trigonometry, it was Muslim who tried to fly in the year 852, it was Muslim who contributed to medicine and science. Without Muslim there would not have been so many advances in chemistry and astronomy. Muslims were a progressive people both worldly and spiritually. They had the better of both of the world, unlike our so called progressive Gonojagaron Monch.

As long as they have hatred and disrespect for Islam and Islamic way of life, we can not expect to have cohesive society. The mentality of blaming everything on Islam must change. Islam is a religion of peace, in a majority of Muslim country, labelling groups fundamentalists and terrorist must be avoided. It is not Islam to be blamed for some acts of violence; rather people’s conception of the reality and what they perceive as to be unjust that some times contributes to violence. Gonojagoron Monch and their vilification of Islam were to be blamed for the subsequent reaction that took place. When one party tries to impose on others their misguided belief without due consideration and respect, inevitable consequences are bound to happen. Death is always regrettable, but should there not be any responsibility on those who fuel the fire. Had there been no Gonojagoron monch, there would have been no unfortunate death. The objective of Gonojagoron monch, as they say, was to give Fashi , but how many Fashi did they achieved ? None- and- none shall be achieved Insha Allah. On the contrary, their actions have led to the murder and massacre of hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people. Do they ever reflect on this fact, or are they too engrossed in their government funded 5 star Hotels luxury life of wine and women?

Hifajot and Jamat are a reality in Bangladeshi political life. Awamileague and their leftist colleague must learn to live with them side by side in social and political harmony. In fact, it is even better for their progeny and their selves to have some enlightened people around them to guide them from darkness to light. One of the greatest things that help Muslims to have piety and uprightness on the path of truth and guidance is keeping the company of good people and avoiding evil company, for man, by his nature, gets influenced by his friends and companions and adopts their characters and manners. Also, man’s character is known through his brothers and friends as pointed out by the Prophet when he said,

“Man is on the religion of his friend, so let every one of you examine whom he befriends.” (Aboo Dawood and others)

It is then wise and logical that Awamileague and its supporters keep away from those immoral atheist Shabagis, and should only keep the company of those who benefit them in matters of their religion and life, for the best companion is the one who is pious, righteous, possesses noble conduct and manners, and has a clear conscience. Sheikh Hasina and her Awamileague must not allow misguided Nastik to start another war very close to Ramadan. Anything associated with this name should be banned, for when ever we hear this name, our blood adrenaline shots up.

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