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Muslims against Grooming

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
29/06/2013 21:26

Grooming for sex is a major sin according to Islam; it is the most despicable abuse and a crime against the entire society. People found guilty of such crime should be punished severely and the communities must become more vigilant and report to the law enforcement authorities of any abuse of our children. Staying silent or covering up is equally a major sin and crime against us all. 

Today at the Wightman Road Mosque around 2pm for Jum'a I will be talking about how Islam protects men and women from sexual abuse and exploitation by placing strict rules that govern gender relations. Islam takes a clear moral stance on sexual ethics and rejects moral relativists' nonsensical premise of permissive lose sexual boundaries. In fact they propose no boundaries in my view. Islam condemns sexual violence in all forms, whether it is in our homes, in movies or computer games.

Islam teaches sex as a divine gift for human beings to enjoy in a loving, committed and safe environment. This is not what is being taught to our children in the secular materialistic world today. Sex has been equated to momentary pleasures with no consequences. This is a monumental lie and cause for many people's misery in the world today. Sex comes with responsibilities, emotions and feelings. The sex rule is simple - respect it, you will find happiness, abuse it, you will face misery. 

Pornography has single handedly destroyed our families substantially and played an instrumental role in teaching distorted ideals around sex and given rise to false sexual expectations. Even young children are being exposed to pornography. This is having a devastating impact on their emotional growth. We must free our society of the menace of pornography. 

Islam proposes absolute morals as the foundation of a stable society; it demands respect and non-sexualized interaction with the opposite sex, above all, it promotes modesty (Haya) as the mode of its social interface. It condemns sexualisation of our children, systematic destruction of their innocence and insatiable sexual promiscuity. Ambiguity in sexual morals is one of the main causes of a broken society. Muslims are duty bound to challenge such a destructive lifestyle, follow the moral principles of their faith and help rebuild a society where our children are always safe and protected. 

Those found guilty of grooming young girls for sex are criminals and psychos; they should be put behind bars for as long as possible. The Oxford cases are truly horrific and examples of how twisted and sick minded these people are! We as a community must stand together to protect our children against all sorts of exploitation and we must take a decisive step to root out sexual predators from our communities.

# A short video where I spoke against Grooming : Muslim Leaders Deliver Anti-Grooming Sermon

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Grooming and Islamic Perspective 


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