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Humiliation for an Awamileague MP visiting the UK

Written By: Mozafor
22/06/2013 18:58 22/06/2013 17:48

Awamileague MP Virandro Nath Shombu told to piss off when requested to meet a friend of mine from the same area. Recently there has been a flow of government VIPs from Bangladesh flooding the UK in search of business partners to invest their hard earn black money from the last 4 and half years of corruption. MP Shombu is in UK possibly for the same purpose. He wanted to meet a friend of mine for a curtsy call, but my friend rejected the offer on his face. How humiliating is this! Who would reject to see an MP? In our Bangladeshi culture, it is not a norm to reject someone wanting to visit their home, and it would be more unusual rejection, if the request was from an MP to see an ordinary citizen. At least my friend could have met him and hear what he had to say. I asked my friend why he had rejected the offer, he said, “After the killing of Hifazot men and their support for Nastik bloggers, I have nothing to do with them, I hate them from the bottom of my heart.” He further said, “If what they did on 6th of May was done to Jamat or BNP, I would have not been so angry, because of their political history, but Hifazote was not involved in politics, they were unarmed innocent Madrasha students and Hujurs who came to protest against blasphemy and with some demands to punish the bloggers; if Awamileague can do such cruelty to them, then they are not worthy of any human respect.” “Bravo my friend” I said to him, “you are truly a man of principle, this days you hardly find anyone adhering to such ethics.”

Talking about morality, ethics and the principle of nicety, I hardly was surprised at OPU Ukils parliament attack on BNP madam Zia. It was filthy unpalatable comment that Awamileague law makers are renowned for. If Begum Zia is the product of an illegitimate interaction, who is then her mothers love child? She OPU, by manner has all the characteristic of a Jaroz (unlawful) child. When ever those chicken hearted Awamileague are in power, one ethnic group becomes more daring and blunt as if nothing can touch them. They need to ponder over their conduct in a Muslim majority country. Suronjit Babu and others should be rejected by their constituent, as did my friend so unflinchingly.

These days Awamileague intellectual are finding hard to support their government because of so many blunders, but not so with one man, comfortably sitting in London and enjoying a generous pension. Whenever I read his column, he keeps surprising me. Unbelievable! This man, Abdul Gaffar Choudhury, can find no fault of Awamileague. Even after killing of Hifajot, not a single condemnation from him in his writing. He looks up and sees the Moon even from the bottom of a pit. He sees victory even in defeat. I wonder when he will learn to speak the truth, or it may be he is one of those unfortunate who has preferred a Qareen (Evil Jinn) as companion over guidance; in that case he probably will rise up with him in the hereafter.

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