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Protecting and Safeguarding our Children: MCB conference

Written By: Ajmal-Masroor
21/06/2013 0:28
Book Review

Today I was chairing the Muslim Council of Britain(MCB) organised conference entitled "Protecting all our children - Tackling Grooming, Safeguarding Children in all Communities. The event was attended by people from all walks of life including voluntary organisations, charities, statutory agencies and grass root members of the public. A brilliant array of speakers provided plenty of food for thought, fantastic discussions and rich mixture of ideas for the future. 

It was felt that child sexual exploiters do not have a religion or ethnicity. It was a criminal mindset that perpetrated the most heinous crimes against children, especially young girls. We must work together to provide safety and security for your children. 

There were discussions about the over sexualised society and its impact on the sexual behaviour of young people, the link between dysfunctional sexual relationships and pornography, vile consequences of violent sexual computer games and ambiguous sexual ethics. All these were some of the contributory factors influencing the sexual behaviour of people. 

Lack of adequate faith and culture sensitive sex education material were also a major concern. While some families withdrew their children from sex education classes on the basis of religious sensitivities, there were no alternative sex education offered to these children. This left the children to learn about sex from their friends in the play ground or the internet through pornography. 

Protecting our children from sexual exploitation requires a more principled and ethical approach to sex and sexual morals. We should not just talk about it but be prepared to seriously take active steps to end the evil of sexual abuse.

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