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It is now up to the Awami regimes to fundamentally change their policy towards the 18 party alliances after the historic victory

Written By: Mozafor
16/06/2013 20:49 16/06/2013 20:47
Burning Issue

The people defeated the 14 party alliance candidate and gave a fitting answer to the government’s bullying tactics. The main point is that those Awami pundits who insinuated that the people would reject BNP and Jamat in the election have been proven spectacularly wrong. The Awami misinformation is seen to be so far from reality and ineffectual in its purpose. I spite of so much negative campaign against Jamati Islam, we now know people are with them having voted in to power 7 ward councillors. So what is fundamentally wrong with Awami policy and propaganda is that they are all - if I may borrow Mr Muhiths words, with due respect to him, I would say it is all ‘Rubbish and Bogus’  Sheikh Hasina has not only failed herself with the wrong policy ,but failed her supporters as well. I would only give one example of their serious mistake; it was the arrest and conviction of Maulana Delwar Hussain Sayeedi. This man was never a Jamat member in 1971; nor did he commit those crimes that he is accused of. I would here say from the mouth of the Home Minister, he even doesn’t believe in that rubbish, but has to do the donkey work on the dictates of some twisted policy makers.


We have no grudge against any party or individual as long as they respect democratic rights of the people, ensures proper judicial process and does not bully others to stay in power. The responsible Awami policy makers must think of the country Bangladesh above their selves or party. Our country is in great danger if Awamileague don’t act prudently when dealing with the opposition. Others externally will take advantage of our vulnerabilities and conjure up to pounce upon the nation’s sovereignty. The only way out of this dilemma is to leave the war crime tribunal to impartial judges without influencing or dictating verdict. I am sure, proper impartial process would set them free. The next wisest think to do is to talk with the opposition for an interim government that are non partisan to run the next election. If there are fears of misuse of powers as the military did during 1/11, then amend and reform the laws of interim government so that future abuse of power can not take place. The fate of victory or defeat must rest with the people and not engineered in anyway to bring anyone to power. Only a just system will see a stable country. With democratic institution in place, Bangladesh could become the economic tiger of the South East Asia.

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